The MasterCourse isn’t shot from the ceiling, this was a special production…

Remember recent students are entitled to upgrade to the MasterCourse by only paying the difference.

What is the MasterCourse?

The MasterCourse is a comprehensive curriculum of compact, actionable instruction so students can take responsibility for your education and train independently to master all of tango as rapidly as you want to. It includes:

  • Exercise Center with muscle diagrams and exercises to control the muscle and to use it in tango. (video EN/DE)
  • Solo and Pair Practice Courses to provide structure to train at home. (video EN/DE)
  • KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia (text with media EN)
  • Access Pass to all Live Seminars and Workshops

We answer any and all questions directly online and in person at no additional charge.

We didn’t start online education in March of 2020. We started in 2014. Learn more about our Digital School