Alteracion game


The most technical definition of an alteracion is a sequence of two steps in which the Revel both:

  • Changes between open and closed sides of the embrace and
  • Breaks the forward-side-back-side pattern. (An alteracion step should be forward-forward, side-side, back-back, forward-back, or back-forward.)

However, this definition does not ensure the elastic result that is desired. To create the energetic sensation of an alteracion, you need a rebote that uses conservation of co-contraction to pivot.

Work solo and be exhaustive. Make a 90 degree pivot in both directions from every step (front, back, side) with both feet.

Once you have mastered that sensation (working solo), work with a partner. After practicing each case until it feels good, start to play with the exit.

To discover different possibilities, have each of the partners identify a movement inspired by the exit power of that particular alteracion.

Be careful not to lose the alteracion elasticity once you are concentrating on the exit!

Finding the variations: For each combination of two sequential steps by one partner there are 9 possibilities for the other partner. Each of these has three four possibilities based on which foot the partners start on, and two different directions of rotation…

  • Revel: forward, forward
    • Mark: forward, forward
    • Mark: forward, side
    • Mark: forward, back
    • Mark: side, forward
    • Mark: side, side
    • Mark: side, back
    • Mark: back, forward
    • Mark: back, side
    • Mark: back, back

There are hundreds of combinations, each creating different power because of the torsion between the bodies. There is no need to do all of these, but exploring a few of them systematically will help you feel the ways that alteracions create really interesting power and inspiring possibilities. Ask the Revel what her body wants to do after each one…

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