Adorn the arch


The Arch of Connection can provide space and permission to the partner to adorn. In turn, revels who build the arch well can inspire Marks to adorn.

The mark can end the adorno by initiating a projection. The revel must comply immediately, moving to the indicated projection. She should never delay or change his movement with an adorno.

Marks need to be clear about when they are leaving space to adorn and when they are marking a projection. Practice walking with the Mark clarifying his intention for one or the other at the end of each step. The Revel can just do one coupe each time she feels that he gives space. Discuss the miscommunications and continue until you clarify the communication.

Now try dancing with the Revel providing a great arc and the Mark adorning. The Revel should tell him every time she feels confused by his adorno.

Now try improvising with both Mark’s and Revel’s basic adornos to steps and ochos. Tell your partner every time their adorno is destabilizing or confusing.

Finally experiment with single-giros and calesita. Give your partner feedback until they can make adornos with no disruption to the arch.

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