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Technical issues: 6. August 2021 update re: videos displaying as “private”: I did some testing and found an unlikely culprit who I have vanquished. Based on the testing I can do, it seems the videos now work. If you still have problems, please tell me your device and browser.

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Tools to Share

Tango Education
tools logo
20 Minute video summary of TangoForge technique
Improvisation self-test and Workbook
TangoForge Argentine Tango: Dance from the Elements
The Elements Series
Instant Inspiration for Improvisation
games logo
Improvisation Games
Building our Communities
buildpartnersactionplan e
Stop Waiting for Partners and
Start Building The Partners you Need
mpopography promo
Analysis of Milonga Popular
by Sven & Vio
Etiquette Guide to the Codigos and Beyond
Home Training Plan PDF
hottangoman logo
Guide for New Tango Men
Advice from Milongueros
distance workbook cover
Reflections for Dancers: A Workbook for Getting some Perspective on our Tango lives during the Distance of 2020
Voleo Cardio Workout for all roles and levels.
Getting Started with Tango
ballet guide cover
Introduction to Tango
for Ballet Dancers
ballroomdancersguide cover
Introduction to Tango
for Ballroom Dancers
stepping stones
Step by step advice to help a new person get started with Tango
First Milonga
Guide to your First Milonga
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We didn’t start online education in March of 2020. We started in 2014. Learn more about our Digital School