If you'll be coming with a partner, please add their name.

Mark all that you want. You can tell us the exact days of arrival and departure later on.

The dormitory-style accommodation Chez Rendez-Vous is 5 rooms, each of which will house 3-5 dancers. There are three full bathrooms. We will organize most of the rooms and two of the bathrooms by gender.

We welcome live DJs and remote DJs.

We want to have a mix of music including traditional tango, but we don't require every DJ to mix.

We would like to serve local, seasonal, organic (bio), vegetarian food (with lots of vegan options), so we want to check with you if that's ok. There will be lots of wonderful local cheese, yogurt, creme fraïche... Of course you are welcome to organize your own meat additions to the menu. There's great local charcuterie, and you're welcome to use the BBQ grill.

For accommodation and food, we will ask you for 7 hours of work.

Please check all that would be fun for you.

This region has an economy of small farms. There are farmers markets with local producers nearly every day of the week. We would love to take you on tours of markets during your visit.

If you have any concerns, desires, creative ideas, gift you would like to give, please tell us!