After a year not dancing, I was anxious about my perceptiveness, but that was fine. The unanticipated problem was that my heart was pounding and I was out of breath.

So I searched for low impact, knee- and apartment-friendly cardio. I used blogilates and madfit and realized that many of the exercises could be modified to include voleos.

To maintain cardio fitness, you only need 12 minutes a day – a tanda….

Improve technique:

  • Start all rotation with obliques.
  • For back voleos, before the leg moves, first contract transverse abdominus, then free leg’s gluteus.

To increase difficulty, make chairs lower and lunges longer.

To keep the exercises challenging:

  • Work hard to arrive to your balance every time.
  • Make your chair more deep.
  • Make your lunges longer.
  • Improve the quality of your voleos while maintaining your speed.

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