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Getting Started

Engineers are good at Argentine Tango

If you’re a computer programmer, an IT guy, or any kind of engineer, it’s likely you will excel at tango.

… even if you have never been any good at any other kind of dance.

….even if your friends have laughed at you and said “you have no rhythm”

….even if you went to salsa class once with a friend and felt totally overwhelmed



Tango uses logic, and geometry!

A few simple rules enable you to move and lead your partner decisively and gently

Instead of memorization, you make formulas with the variables. If you can do this systematically you are a great “improviser”.

Good tango dancing is not about sticking to the rhythm. You can use the melody, or any part of the music that makes sense to you.

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Do you want to start dancing?The first few steps are the hardest.

I’ve written a guide to get you

from this screen to your first Tangos…

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