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The KnowledgeBase is a comprehensive
Encyclopedia of Tango Movements
with Technique and Improvisation Variations

Includes access to the Exercise Center and ImproGames
Details about the KnowledgeBase.

HyperCourses are 10-lesson home practice courses
appropriate for beginner to intermediate dancers

Choose a solo course for Mark(Leader), Revel(Follower), or Pair(Couple/Partners).

Course passes are good for 6 months and include access to the KnowledgeBase, Exercise Center, and ImproGames.

Level 2 coming soon!  Details about the HyperCourses.

The Exercise Center provides solo exercises
to develop awareness and control
of the most important muscles for tango

It includes individual exercises for every muscle as well as solo and pair workouts, including both muscle and dancing exercises.
Passes are good for 6 months and include all new workouts created during that period.
Details about the Exercise Center.

Personal Training provides custom assignments
to achieve your goals

Details about Personal Training.


Sämtliche Biomechanik, Impro-Lexicon, MetaThemen, Yoga…
Every student receives private lessons.
StudioAgenda and Details.

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