Willkommen bei TangoForge.
We are Vio, from California, and Roberto, from Rugen.  We met in 2014 in Berlin.
We learned that we shared the desire to express ourselves with a lot of power and art in this dance. We have been developing our dance together, working with DJs and musicians, to find ways to make Argentine Tango more contemporary.
We also share the commitment to find the most effective way to teach Argentine Tango. After years of working together and refining our approach, we documented our complete knowledge in a MasterCourse. In 16 hours of video, we explain the 25 Elements of tango and the 5 technique tools that we use to analyze every moment, along with the system of variations to find every possibility of every Element.
Our Digital School includes the MasterCourse (EN/DE), a Korpertraining Zentrum with exercises for the 10 key tango muscies (EN/DE), and Home Practice Courses for dancers to train alone in each role, or in a pair (EN/DE). It also includes a hyperlinked Encyclopedia of tango movements and terminology (EN).  To learn more about the Digital School, you can visit this page.
We perform and teach workshops and seminars throughout the year in various beautiful places, including Berlin.
Wenn Du von uns lernen möchtest, ist das Beste, was wir Dir anbieten können, unsere Privatstunden, in denen wir in jeder einzelnen Minute unsere ganze Aufmerksamkeit Dir und Deinem Tanz widmen. If you want to book a private lesson, please understand that we travel a lot and it’s best to communicate with us several weeks in advance.
This website is not fully bilingual, so if you have any questions please feel free to send a message in Deutsch using the chat button at bottom right, or by email.


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2019 TangoForge

February 7-19Wellington NZ

February 7-9 Bruges NeoTango Marathon

May 8-10 NeoTango Marathon Amsterdam Seminar

July 3-5 Bremen Neo Tango Rave Seminar

July 17-26 Phantastango

August South Sweden.

September 11-14 Athens Neo Tango Marathon

October Berlin

Ausserdem bieten wir Workshops in Biomechanik und Improvisation und zeigen Dir einen Weg, auf intensive Musik mit dynamischer Vielfalt und reich an Variationen zu tanzen. Wenn Du benachrichtigt werden möchtest, wenn wir einen Workshop anbieten, kannst Du Dich gerne in unseren Verteiler eintragen, um aktuelle Informationen zu erhalten: