Practica 7.October 2017

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Vio, Roberto, and Crew TangoForge invite you to a Real Practica. It means it’s a place to practice Argentine Tango and to meet new Compañeros. On the walls, we will post technique reminders and notes from recent classes and help you with problems. On our lane trainer,, we will do some improvisation drills designed to […]

Offline viewing of

We are happy to learn that technology is available to enable dancers to read and study TangoForge when offline. This technology works on Apple mac desktop computers and iOS mobile devices and it allows you to cache (save) any website you’d like to view offline, not just TangoForge. The cache will include all text, images, and embedded […]

A school, and other insights from 2017

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This post is for people interested in the micro-process of our 2017 Business Development Strategy. On 17.January 2017 TangoForge abruptly opened a School in Berlin. I already knew how the school would work, because I had drafted it in my mind over the years: A mix of bodywork and improvisation classes. Consistent pedagogy in every […]

ForgeTube: Improvisation from the Elements


All the variations of any movement FREE
1-2 minute videos
Improvise from the Elements

Seminar Encuentro Compañeros TangoForge 2017


  The Seminar Compañeros TangoForge included dancers from 8 countries. By the end of the week 5 women marked for the first time in milongas. The final day of the seminar, we reviewed the material for the week and learned to coach one another, so that everyone can go home and build practice groups. Everyone […]

Finally … an Exercise Center


People have been asking me to build an Exercise facility for years. And I’ve been working on it for years. I started shooting video in Ali’s Pilates Studio in New Zealand in 2011! I developed 8 exercises for our Biomechanics classes, which we taught every day during Seminar Compañeros TangoForge 2016, and which has now […]

We Open a School ! … Studio Berlin


I’ve always known how I would run a school, very inspired by my beloved DNI in Buenos Aires. A school with a consistent pedagogy. A school in which every student would have private lessons. Every student would take supplementary bodywork. And, most important, it will be full of love and a sense of community, a […]

“A Bold Journey to Self-Creation”: TangoForge at the Contemporary Tango Festival 2016

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Eine Reise zur Selbstverwirklichung – unten auf Deutsch We were thrilled to be part of the Contemporary Tango Festival in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, 23-28 August, 2016. The Contemporary Tango Festival offers free milongas every night with live music and performances in the phenomenal space of the Central Train Station of Europe. (Please see the facebook page for […]

No crash trance


People attending this event have a genuine interest in tango being creative. To the extent that couples on the floor emerged from the depths to pay attention to one another, they seemed to feel enriched by others’ movements. Here, if you do something extreme, people smile at you.

JewelLab developments

I founded JewelLab at the Colombian Hotel as Rainbow Queer Tango Sydney in 2011. It started as a class, but became a practica, which Jael and I re-named it The Jewel Lab  in 2012. In 2013, with Darren’s encouragement, Nick and I launched JewelLab as a milonga with the slogan “the milonga where we treat each other like […]

TangoForge im Tangoloft

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  Workshops Workshop: Donnerstags, 19:00-21:30 Uhr im Tangoloft, 23 Gerichtstraße, Wedding  Details und Anmeldung. 3. Nov-17.Nov + Practica 24.Nov 19:00-20:30 19:00-20:00 BIOMECHANIK – Körperkonzepte, die Geschmeidigkeit hervorbringen 20:00-21:30 IMPROVISATION – Spielkonzepte, die dein Selbst ausdrücken Samstags 3.Dec & 10.Dec “Best of TangoForge 2016” bitte klik hier. Über unsere Kurse: Wir unterrichten in deutscher und englischer Sprache. Durch […]

Andreas Rochholl announces the 2016 Berlin Hauptbahnhof Contemporary Tango Festival

Contemporary Tango Festival

Andreas has organized a Contemporary Tango Night as part of his festival “Ankunft: Neue Musik” with contemporary music and performace in the Hauptbahnhof, Berlin’s central train station, for the last 7 years, in collaboration with the Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s train company. For 2016 this festival has a new structure and is completely dedicated to Contemporary […]

The ICC Sessions


We were 8.5 hours late but way under budget. That’s how we roll with TangoForge Productions. Massive thanks to the frozen and fearless crew: Thomas Conte, Matthew Fitzsimmons, Max Thomas, Maren, Aurélie Lippe. Here’s our first video! The ICC Sessions, January 2015. Camera Thomas Conte. Editing of this one by TangoForge. Thomas’ experimental ICC edits are […]

Berlin & London & Greifswald…März & April & Mai…Vio & Roberto & Du


Hallo Freunde… Wir hatten so viel Spaß damit miteinander zu arbeiten, für euch zu kochen, zu experimentieren und neue Freundschaften zu schließen. Wir planen uns schon bald wieder mit euch zu treffen. Deshalb teilen wir euch heute unsere Planung für die nächsten Monate mit. Damit ihr euch für uns Zeit nehmen könnt. Wenn Du Fragen […]

Brot und Tango Improvisation Practica


Wir laden Dich herzlich zu “Brot und Tango” ein …
Tango Laboratorium und frisches Brot, mit veganem Salat in Bio-Qualität bei nachmittäglicher gemeinsamer Gemütlichkeit.
Bekomme 3 Stunden Anleitung, begegne …

Community Supported JewelLab

Jewels are about reflection and refraction… This is an update on the plans for JewelLab during my time in Berlin. Please read it carefully as YOU are involved! The original plan was that Belen would take responsibility for JewelLab, teaching classes and running the milonga in my absence. Our two month experiment in collaboration was […]

TangoForge does Burlesque

TangoForge Argentine Tango Burlesque

Nick Young and I are committed to taking authentic improvised Argentine Tango to the people … Especially people who love high heels and fine lines … We performed at the November 2014 Red Light Confidential, Sydney’s Burlesque “Industry Night”.

TangoForge NZ news September 2014

      To my dear tango students and friends in New Zealand, I have just returned from seven weeks in Europe, mostly Berlin. You can read my very rough and typo-strewn fieldnotes here. I’ll write more formal thematic posts in the next few weeks. As many of you know, tango is my second career, and a […]

TangoForge AU news September 2014

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      To my dear tango students and friends in Australia, I have just returned from seven weeks in Europe, mostly Berlin. You can read my very rough and typo-strewn fieldnotes here. I’ll write more formal thematic posts in the next few weeks. As many of you know, tango is my second career, and a […]

Already famous… still goth…Vio in Berliner Zeitung


“Ein seltsamer Virus namens Tango“, Von Thomas Kröter. Berliner Zeitung 25 July, 2014. TANZEN IN BERLIN Ein seltsamer Virus namens Tango  Von Thomas Kröter Getanztes Gespräch: Tango – hier im Pfefferberg. Foto: BLZ/Christian Schulz Berlin auf glattem Parkett: Kommen Sie mit in die Welt des Tanzes, jeden Abend, jede Nacht wird in Berlin getanzt. Standard und Latein, Argentinischer Tango, Salsa und Swing. […]

JewelLove: Jewel Lab’s Valentine to You + JewelLiveLab Debrief


THANK YOU so much for experimenting with Owen and me in honor of our birthdays and one year of Jewel Lab. The response to the Jewel Lab music survey indicated that people are keen to dance to live music, and to non-traditional tango, and last night was our first attempt to do both of those […]

Jewel Lab: Survey Results


Thank you so much for taking the Jewel Lab Survey. I’m flabbergasted by the results. A few people had been hassling me to play more nuevo and alternative music. I ran the survey to prove to them that if I did this, no one would come. Apparently, I am wrong. There is significant interest in […]

Oct-Nov 2013 Workshop Intensive

  Three Sundays   27 October 3 November 10 November  at the beautiful Jewel Lab space at Colombian Hotel 2-3:30 pm class, 3:30-5pm supervised practica    These workshops will be focused on consolidating three basic tools that distinguish the most sublime leaders and the most connected followers. Finding the Arch of Connection Leading the Psoas […]

Argentine Tango out of the clichés

We’re scheming to get tango out of the clichés. To show that it’s athletic…that its romance will take you by surprise…that it’s drop-dead sexy in whatever shoes you are already wearing… and that you can dance tango to the music you already love.

Creative Argentine Tango Bootcamp

TangoForge Argentine Tango Bootcamp Sydney

Do you want your evenings to be creative? Are you yearning for more profound connection…wanting to get beyond small talk…tired of the bar scene… This one-day bootcamp will get you started in a challenging new activity that will enable you to make friends and make art with them any day of the week in any […]

A16 Jewel Lab: The party!

  The Jewel Lab Party sparkled with more than 60 guests and 10 performers. It was a beautiful night of celebrating our community. Consensus is that the new floor is just fine, so the milonga will continue at this venue every Tuesday 8:30-midnight.  Part way through the evening I explained the various dimensions of the […]

Food at the Milonga

Gourmet Tango

In April 2013, I began an innovation which is to combine my two sensuous passions, Argentine tango and artisan food. Each of my events will now include a morsel of fabulous food. Jewel Lab is the gourmet milonga, and each workshop includes a treat. I’m interested in small-batch, handmade, heirloom, artisan, local, traditional, and superlative […]

The community-run Practica for role-changing, worldwide heritage of music, and all tango movements.

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MANIFESTO “Jewel Lab is a community-run enrichment of our local Tango scene. We are a conscientious practica with a purposeful culture of dialogue, participation, and role-changing. We encourage positive attitudes toward all gender/role combinations, toward dancing to the worldwide heritage of music, and toward use of all movements from the living history of tango. We also […]

Armin & Vio: The videos!

Armin Vio Tango

Armin & Vio danced together in Sydney for three months in early 2012. We performed for the Colombian Cultural and Folkloric Association on 25 May. Here’s the video.   We also wanted to try to capture our style with a more artistic video.

Welcome to the Moveable Milonga!

The moveable milonga

Like many people I started dancing tango because of Sally Potter’s movie, The Tango Lesson. Different things about the movie moved us, as different things bind us to tango. I wasn’t attracted to the music, passion, or romance (aspects I learned to appreciate only after many years of dancing). I was attracted to the complexity […]

Technique Workshops

TangoForge Workshop

I sequence my instruction in an unusual way. My approach is based on an analysis of the difficulty and number of biomechanical skills needed to execute each move.

Damian and Vio hit the streets, Sydney

Damian Vio Tango

    November 2011 Any Time, Any Where, Any Shoe… Damian Thompson and Vio prove that tango belongs in the streets, of Sydney and the world… #1 #2 #3: more boots!

Slideshow from 2009 Celebration of Women Leaders


On 19 April 2009, Duro y Vio organized two beautiful events at Spontaneous Celebrations to mark their departure from Boston. One was Boston’s first Queer Tango Milonga. The other was a Celebration of Women Leaders. Here’s the gorgeous slideshow from that event. Celebration of Women Leaders from vio saraza on Vimeo. Please do not repost […]