Illustrated Tango Wear from Blame it on the Bandoneon

Blame it on the Bandoneon Tango Tshirts

I am a dancer and artist from Manchester in the UK. My designs are inspired by Tango, I love the intricate patterns found on old Bandoneons and the modern street art of Buenos Ayres. I started putting my art on to t-shirts to wear myself, but people at Tango events always asked where I had […]

Men using women’s fashion

ivory studded zara woman shirt tan birkin hermes bag

I have been trying to figure out why it bothers me when men (who are not drag queens) wear stilettos. I love drag queens, and I find them very inspiring. This is not about that. This is about regular men, who are not dressed as women –and who may or may not be gay– wearing […]

Cruise Collection


A distantly familiar phrase that I had never thought about…. Until I go on a date on a cruise ship… Cruise attire is formal, yet breezy. It oozes rich and relaxed, but pretty. I think it ought to have flowers or pastel. It must afford both an air of summer and protection for the shoulders […]

Vogue Demaciado


As a tango dancer, I have not been graced with the right body or the right beauty. Of course, I want to be the tango princess, with the skinny legs and the delicate shoes (except that I don’t want that boring hair!). But I’m driven to create images that express my ethics, costumes which say something. This comes at the cost of traditional beauty.

Mutti Love dresses for grownups


Wandering København, I stopped to compliment a most elegant woman on the combination of her shoes and skirt. This turned out to be Karen Buus-Hansen, wearing her own skirt, enjoying the sun outside her shop. I complemented her on the scale of the print on the skirt, saying that it reminded me of my preference […]

Conformity and power


When I started dancing tango I thought “finally, a place to wear fabulous clothes and shoes!” I dressed like a doll, and wore the most fabulous shoes I could find, 15cm heels with 3cm platforms covered in glitter. Everybody knew me for my shoes. I could hear the word “shoes” whispered as I went around […]

Poema Handmade Clothing


Mmmm … I just discovered some very pretty tango clothing. Hannah Poston has well done exactly my plan for UltraVioleta … Make a series of perfect cuts, but then assemble each garment from unique fabric, so no two people have exactly the same one: “Your dance is unique. your clothing should be too.” And the […]

custom-made tango clothes (Berlin and online)


Finding wide-legged pants for men and a-line skirts for girls can be a real challenge. If you are in Berlin you can choose the fabric yourself for fabulous tango clothes at Stoffrausch. They also have an online shop. Thanks to Sebastian of Art13 for this tip.  

Queer desires

wpid img

I had some idea about what I would learn on this trip.  Predictably it is different. I am learning something about the construction of desire. The first thing I noticed is that I am not attracted to revels wearing high heels.  Next I noticed that I prefer a girl wearing pants… There are a covey […]

Tango Vicioso at Insomnia


Tangotourist in Berlin, Summer 2014 Some of my friends said I must see tango at Insomnia and others spent 30 minutes trying to dissuade me. “It’s a sex club!”,  they kept repeating. So? here’s my report: A spacious room with bar and large couches, dark, fabulous mix of music. About 20 dancers + 5 observers […]

A beautiful flat shoe for revelling

JSC B trans

If you LOVE high heels, please wear them and enjoy! But if you don’t love them, please feel free wear flats. Whatever you do, don’t wear a heeled shoe under 6cm. Regardless of pretty leathers, these are NOT sexy. If you’re not comfortable in high heels or they make your feet hurt, then find your […]

Sansha : Attractive dance sneakers

Tango sneakers

To access the full line of Sansha order from Eurostore.  

Pantalone Bailarine

UltraVioleta Tango Fashion


Camiso Unico

UltraVioleta Tango Fashion


Camisa Plunge

UltraVioleta Tango Fashion


Camisa Encaje

UltraVioleta Tango Fashion


Camisa Cabo Volante

UltraVioleta Tango Fashion

Falda flirt

UltraVioleta Tango Fashion


Falda Drama

UltraVioleta Tango Fashion


Falda Numero Uno

UltraVioleta Tango Fashion


How can tango clothing be too sexual?

Tango clothing

Tango is a chance to be sexy and show off. People should wear whatever they want. One of the great things about tango is that “No one will ever say ‘You’re too old to be wearing that’.” It’s clearly untenable to get prudish about the dance which is already perceived to be pure sex.

About shoes for tango

About shoes for tango

Wear whatever makes you feel sexy. I see no reason whatsoever to wear technical dance shoes, and several reasons not to. Like clothing, there are a few functional requirements, but many non-dance shoes meet these requirements, while looking and feeling much better than tango shoes.

NuBra for backless dresses

Tango Dress backless

If you’re going to wear a backless dress, you are going to need a Nubra. They work. I use them all the time. I prefer the “Seamless” model because the bra itself adds the least weight. Please note that their website is shockingly unhip, but it works as does the product. If you’re in Australia, […]

Spanx girlshorts

Tango underwear

Spanx panties have no seams, just smooth lines and confident coverage. Get a set in black and nude to manage every outfit! I use the “Hide and Sleek” family of products, especially the smallest girlshorts and the mid-thigh, but the capri looks great for people who like coverage to the knee, and the high-waist if […]

Yoga Toes Stop Foot Pain

Stop Tango Foot Pain

Yogatoes are widely used by ballerinas to manage foot pain. They exercise the tiny muscles of your toes so that your feet work better to support your body. Where to order:

Coco Devine

Coco Devine

Coco Devine jewelery is just right for tango, sexy and soft. Fun and not precious. Expressive.

David Smith

David Smith shirts

David Smith shirts. Festive but refined. Only 42 of each made… Available at Daily Male, Sydney.

DNI tango shoes

DNI tango shoes

  DNI shoes are comfortable and made with great colors and materials. Standard sizes only, no customization. Several models of trainers plus women’s heels and men’s dress shoes.

Johnston & Bell

Johnston and Bell Tango clothing

  Johnston & Bell dresses are always pretty and make you feel fabulous.

St. Looi Blues

St Looi Blues Shoes

St. Looi Blues handmade shoes for leaders who wear pants.


Marcue custom shoes

Marcue Shoes, gorgeous brogues for leaders who wear pants and skirts. Handmade in Sydney Australia and shipped worldwide. Custom fitting available.  

UltraVioleta Tango Style

Ultravioleta Iconoclastic Tango Fashion and Style

I have always loved fashion and costume and design the iconclastic costumes for our performances. UltraVioleta is the marca for my own tango fashion designs.

Packing for Buenos Aires

Packing for Buenos Aires

You will need to feel great. Bring whatever makes you feel Sexy Sexy Sexy (daytime stuff too). Do not pack anything that you feel so-so in. You won’t even want to go to the grocery store in it.

Shopping in Sydney

Nick Brown Menswear

Your clothes should be as unique as your dance, but if you dance a lot you’ll need a lot of outfits. Look for interesting and inexpensive things at flea markets, secondhand stores, and young designers. Here are a few recommendations for Sydney dancers. And be sure to see my cautionary notes and shopping tips. Men […]

What to wear?

Argentine Tango

The main thing to pay attention to when shopping and dressing is how a piece of clothing makes you feel. Notice if you are smiling, notice if you are twirling or tapping your feet. If this piece of clothing gives you joy and makes you want to dance, then it’s a keeper. If you’re feeling doubtful or self-conscious, take it off!

Vio’s weird shoes

Tango shoes

The most common thing for someone to say to me at a milonga is “you can’t dance in those shoes”. About 5 minutes later, they realize they’re wrong. When I started dancing, one of the main attractions was the chance to dress up often, including high heels. Since I was about 14 I’ve had more […]

Getting custom shoes made in Buenos Aires

Custom Tango shoes

EVERY shoe store (except 2×4) will tell you that they do “custom” shoes: “Anything you want!”. We learned that what this means is that they will change the colors and materials of the models they make. It has NOTHING to do with the fit. If you have a VERY unusual foot, what you actually need […]

About Comme Il Faut tango shoes

Comme Il Faut modular tango shoes

The most expensive tango shoe company is actually cutting costs by building shoes like legos. They have several fronts, several backs, and several heels, and they just mix and match and change the colors. That is not design and it’s not style. Punto.