MasterCourse Q/A: Profound Questions and Detailed Answers 2/6

MasterCourse Q/A: Profound Questions and Detailed Answers 1/6

MasterCourse Q/A Profound Questions and Detailed Answers 1/6 1. Lateral Projection vs. Revel’s Change of Foot This is one of the most challenging distinctions, for both Marks and Revels. What is a lateral projection? The Mark stands still and indicates intention for a lateral movement. The Revel extends her free leg in the indicated direction. What […]

Neo logic

We were responsible for “the neo”. We didn’t know what that meant… Here are the latest collected tidbits on this confusing term, with no conclusions whatsoever.

too much crazy

Some of them scramble to explain that they really really really do mean it as a compliment.

Back Sacadas in Lesson 10: What I’m learning from teaching tango in 30 days

Today is day 11 of a stunt, to teach tango to a stuntman in 30 days. Stunt-work requires precision. Each day’s lesson is exactly 15 minutes (with a timer).

From the gift of Cochabamba to the genius of El Pulpo

Argentine Tango Back Sacada

The dancers of the Cochabamba Group and El Pulpo are misunderstood as innovators, people who distorted and departed from tango. Genius is to find something new inside of what we think we already know.



This graphic has been on our home page for six years. For several of those years I have been aware that our students rarely, if ever, use the word ‘creativity’. They use the word ‘freedom’. The gap between those two words is a crucial failure to understand our own biographies and to articulate what it means to be artists.

A kilo of symphonies

“Señor Piazzolla” she replied, “won’t you play for me?”

To evolve or not?

In the era of Fundamentalism, modernism is in decline. Although we can ill-afford it, the modernists are now drawing battle-lines.

Fabián Salas, interviewed by Keith Elshaw 2001

So we went out and we started dancing, and looking for what we didn’t know … we were looking for: how many voleos were possible in Tango dancing; how many different ganchos there are; things like that. To come to a total knowledge of what’s available.

Gustavo Naveira, interviewed by Brian Dunn 2005-8

“Gustavo, what are we going to do with this!? This is such an amazing way of making art, we must do something really great with this, something HUGE!!!” –Chicho

Friendly but not Friends

Dear Dancers, I write today with a sad confirmation of things I suspected. I hope to learn that it is somehow incomplete. As you know, TangoForge has been documenting our knowledge of tango in various online education tools. In these 7 years, I’ve made many different “offers”, and collected data on the various results. I […]


As I prepare to return to Europe, I want a new relationship to tango well before any milonga beckons. I suspect many of you also hope to return differently to tango – or hope that it will be different upon our return.

No crash trance


People attending this event have a genuine interest in tango being creative. To the extent that couples on the floor emerged from the depths to pay attention to one another, they seemed to feel enriched by others’ movements. Here, if you do something extreme, people smile at you.