TangoForge Argentine Tango Vio y Roberto

Tryst TangoForge What we do and why We are a global community of dancers applying Argentine Tango’s biomechanics of connection to extreme improvisation and the world heritage of music. Meet Vio and Roberto in the beautiful Tangoloft-Berlin, our online KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia of tango technique, and Extreme Tango Improvisation. Dancers: Vio, Roberto, Germain Cascales, Frauke Nees, […]


rto vio voleo

We dance Extreme Argentine Tango, which means: Our tango is not a fusion with any other dance. We are not interested in non-tango, or take some tango and do what you want. We do not accept sloppiness, emotional or physical disconnection, lack of precise musicality. Our tango takes the movements which were created by the […]