Shopping in Sydney

Your clothes should be as unique as your dance, but if you dance a lot you’ll need a lot of outfits. Look for interesting and inexpensive things at flea markets, secondhand stores, and young designers. Here are a few recommendations for Sydney dancers. And be sure to see my cautionary notes and shopping tips.

Men & Women

  • Rozelle Market for used designer clothes for men and women. Lots of vendors with good taste and low prices.


  • Lynette Ruwoldt is at Paddington Market on Saturdays and sells very tango A-line skirts with elegant fabrics and adornment on the backside. Ask the market information stall for directions to her spot.
  • Coco Devine Jewelery at Paddington Market.
  • If you’re in a hurry, or don’t like hunting, or need to buy a gift for your favorite tanguera, go directly to Johnston and Bell at 364 Darling Street in Balmain which is surprisingly inexpensive for how fabulous their dresses, shoes and jewelry are.
  • If you are a tall woman, Living Silk’s superfemme dresses will be great for tango. (Cut too long for little ones.) Lots of beautiful detailing on their dresses and the sale prices are amazing for quality fabric and workmanship. (Website doesn’t do justice to the clothes or the sales, go for a visit at 346 Darling Street, Balmain.)
  • For dresses with interesting backs, try local designer Premonition at 200 King Street, Newtown. I’m very impressed with the quality of fabrics and workmanship at a price point below $100 per piece.

Nick Brown MenswearMen

  • Nick Brown Menswear in Darlinghurst is designed and made in Sydney. Expressive, refined, impressively affordable. 397 Bourke Street.
  • Russell Wade Menswear is also designed and made in Sydney. Even more expressive. Moved to Enmore Road in Newtown. 0415335042
  • Fabulous men’s dress shirts: Daily Male at 90 Oxford Street Darlinghurst. (Just ignore the rhinestone underwear and go for the shirts…)
  • St. Looi Blues Shoes for men and women leaders designed and made in Sydney.
  • Marcue hand-made men and women’s shoes (photo below)

You might want to check out my cautionary notes and shopping tips for Argentine Tango Dancers (and guide for packing for your trip to Buenos Aires).


Style Guides

UltraVioleta tango clothing for men and women is coming soon! International shopping for the most elegant and sexy tango clothes is about to happen right here.

In the interim, I recommending a few designers and shops that I love, and curating their collections just for you.



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