Dresden NeoTango Marathon First Edition

Organized by Toulouse Neo Tango team of passionate dancers: Isabelle, Phil, Hubert, Ludo, and Thierry

  • Location: a superb dancing venue in MEISSEN-DRESDEN
  • Accommodation, meals, and bar service on-site.
  • More than 39 hours of dancing with international Neo DJ’s and VJ’s
  • Shuttle service arranged from Meissen metro station with easy access from Dresden Airport
  • BLUES Workshop for Neo Tango dancers by Isabelle & Thierry
  • Tango workshops by Vio y Roberto of TangoForge

Workshops by Vio y Roberto

Friday 16:00-18:00 El Encuentro: Bringing your Musicality into each Partnership

Saturday 15:00-17:00 Perfect Connection through control of the body’s Joints

Sunday 14:00-16:00 Change of Embrace from Subtle to Soltada with clear communication

Maximum 15 couples per workshop.

After paying, you can select your workshops.



TNT Dresden Workshops
Current students of the TangoForge MasterCourse may attend the workshops for free, but you must:
  1. Register and pay for the Marathon
  2. Reserve your place in the workshops by email to office@TangoForge.com.
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