Improvisation is not about memorization.
It’s trusting our mutual knowledge of a system.
In 2013, TangoForge began developing the very first comprehensive encyclopedia of Argentine Tango movements and variations. The KnowledgeBase empowers students to learn at their own pace and to their own taste.
• Discover the variations for each of the 25 distinct tango elements.
• Biomechanical tools provide distilled and consistent technical specifications.
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Every teacher urges students to make both solo and partnered Private Practice. Our Digital School provide structure for effective independent practice.

We use scientific terminology for precise instruction without the physical touch of a teacher. The KnowledgeBase explains the Biomechanical fundamentals necessary for every “style” of tango.

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The KnowledgeBase is a supplement to your ongoing group classes, providing total information access now. There are more than 120 entries, covering the 25 movements of the Tango Lexicon and their variations and pseudonyms so you can accelerate your learning of the improvisation systems for musicality and agile floorcraft.

Be ready for everything your partner can do.

If you like Wikipedia, you’ll like the KnowledgeBase.

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Our MasterCourse covers the biomechanics and improvisation of the entire Lexicon of Tango on video. Learn more about studying with us.

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*or being annoyed with yourself for not being able to remember them.

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