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TangoForge Seminars Encuentro Compañeros 2019

Bologna 3-5.May

Enjoy one of Italy’s most charming cities, with great food, culture, and milongas.
Friday: Basics
Saturday: Elastic Steps: Rebote & Alteración
Sunday: Elastic Effects: Voleos, Rebote Cadera, Patada

Athens 7-9.September

Greek NeoTango Marathon 12-19.Sept
SEMINAR THEME: Consequence
Saturday: Basics
Sunday: Voleos circular and linear…
Monday: Volcada, Colgada, Salta

Berlin 1-3.November

In the beautiful Lotus Loft,
with special Altertango music events.
SEMINAR THEME: Interactions/Interruptions
Thursday: Basics
Friday: Sacadas
Saturday: Ganchos

Sweden: The Pampa 5-7.July

Enjoy the emerald countryside of South Sweden. The Fiskabäck Retreat offers on-site housing options, horsebackriding, and massage.
Chef Gabriella will prepare vegan and vegetarian bio-regional handmade food.
Seminar registrants will receive an email in March with links for booking food and housing. Housing options will be available from €35-50/per person/per night.
SEMINAR THEME: Conventions/Patterns
Friday: Basics
Saturday: Molinete Lineal & DoubleGiro
Sunday: Single-giro, Calesita, & Adornos

Seminar students always tell us their biggest struggle is how to continue developing after the seminar, how to share what they’ve learned with partners, and grow their communities.

So each weekend will include a community-building workshop …

To support you in taking these ideas home we are bundling Digital School enrollments with Seminar registration so that you can repeat and study throughout the year. The Digital School includes our comprehensive video MasterCourse, Structured Solo Home Practice sessions on video for both roles and pairs, the KnowledgeBase encyclopedia, and the Exercise Center to train the 10 key tango muscles.

If you only want a particular part of the Digital School, use the Custom Registration Form.

For more registration options, use the Custom Registration Form


In 2019, we replace our annual week seminar with 4 long-weekends…

  • Three days is the right amount of TangoForge intensity.
  • Each weekend is designed to offer special experiences beyond the seminar itself.
  • We have learned that most students prefer to organize their own housing, food, and have a choice of urban milongas. Therefore, 3 of the 4 weekends will be in urban areas.
  • We will provide guidebooks and personal assistance with housing, dining, and milongas.
  • Students loved our experiments with live musicians this year, so there will be a live music dimension in each Seminar.
  • Translation will be available to: Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian, French.

We are always improving our pedagogy based on student feedback …

  • The included 30-minute private lesson is a crucial part of our weekends, and we are committed to this aspect.
  • This year, every student will have a brief entrance interview with Vio to learn their goals for the weekend, in addition to the private lesson during the weekend.
  • We understand that with our method of teaching, students need more time to practice and integrate what they have learned. The total number of workshop hours is 9 (3 hours per day) with time and space to practice afterward.
  • Students will receive preparatory videos about the 5 Biomechanical Tools and the Embrace Actions so that everyone arrives with some familiarity with TangoForge concepts.
  • On the last day we will review the whole weekend and students may video this review for their notes.

Basics Day

  • The first day of each workshop will be called “Basics” and it will cover our ever-distilled understandings about the most effective way to achieve clarity and sublime connection.
  • Topics: projection, embrace actions, and use of the obliques (distinguishing lateral movements (side step, ochos, change of foot, and crosses) …
  • Experienced TangoForge students may optionally skip the Basics day and do just a two-day Seminar (reduced price by €50). Use the Custom Registration Form for this option.
  • Students taking multiple seminars may optionally skip their second episode of Basics. This is reflected in the price reduction for multiple seminars.

If you have any further questions, or need options not included in the Custom Registration Form, please click the chat button at bottom right and we will assist you.

If you do not want to pay by credit card you can send electronic payment to:
IBAN: DE13430609671170841800 . Konto: Starr . BIC: GENODEM1GLS . BLZ: 430 609 67.
Also please send an email and we will prepare your credentials manually.

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