Tarbes Tango Festival

Occitanie, Southern France

11 hours of class and each student receives a 30 minute private lesson to address personal goals.

The courses are designed with the idea that some people will do both weekends. These classes are each worth doing twice and you will learn a great deal by repeating in a short time frame, both through repetition and going deeper.


Friday 18:00-19:30: The high-performance embrace: The embrace is not a static frame. It is first of all a relationship with a particular partner. We will explore how to make our partners most comfortable. Second, the embrace is a system of flexible tension which both delivers information and is prepared to provide physical support to the partner if needed. Third, the three joints of the arms have specifications for each movement. Adjusting the joints to this specification is the very first part of the mark, which makes every communication more clear.

Saturday 14:00-17:00: Expression: We dance to express ourselves, but tango’s greatest gift is intense connection. How can we express musicality and delight without breaking the connection? In this session we will examine adornos for both partners, from the most classic ones to the edges of contemporary tango.

Sunday 14:00-17:00: Improvisation – What is it really? Social tango is always improvised, but what does that mean? For most dancers it means stringing together a series of sequences they try to remember in classes, and in fact this was how everyone danced until the mid-1990s. At that point a group of dancers called the Cochabamba Investigation Group studied the inherited sequences to find the most fundamental elements. This session will enable you to make the transition from dancing sequences to dancing elements and show you how you can find new variations by yourself, without memorizing or relying on a teacher for your development.

Monday 14:00-17:00: Transitions: A delightful dance has contrast between large and small, fast and slow, dramatic and light-hearted. These changes of dynamic and mood are transitions. In this session we will explore the moments of transition between elements to break habits and anticipations to discover new improvisational and expressive possibilities.

Experience the best of the French Occitanie, surrounded with small farms. Every day of the week there are one or two producers markets in the surrounding villages offering organic fruit and vegetables, handmade marmelades, granola, yogurt, raw milk, ethically-raised meat, a diversity of breads and pastries, local wine and beer, and the regional duck specialties.

We offer optional breakfast and dinner and provide a refrigerator, barbecue, and cookstove so you can cook for yourself anytime.

We will offer a feast of local delicacies and guide you on a trip to a typical local producer’s market.

We have planned two of our weekends to coincide with the nearby Tarbes Tango Festival, which runs from 13-21.August 2022. The Tarbes Festival takes over the whole town with concerts, tango art, outdoor and indoor milongas, and even includes a milonga on a Pyrénées mountaintop. There is usually one neomilonga mid-week. You book each event of interest separately. 

Please visit the website. Tarbes Tango Festival.

Plan to visit coastal France or Spain before or after the workshop. Or stay here for further days. Relax by the pool in the tranquil countryside (with very few mosquitos!) Bring your bike or borrow one of our ebikes, walk, or drive through the blissful rolling hills. Go horseback riding from our neighbor’s stable. Visit the diverse local villages, artisans (wool, ceramics, woodwork…), and daily open-air markets. We are close to a number of famous international festivals. Should these not go forward you can simply extend your time here. Distances
  • Toulouse: 81km (1-1.25h)
  • Tarbes: 85km (1-1.25h)
  • Marciac: 50km (1h)
  • Marseille: 480km (5h)
  • Nice: 640km (6h)
  • Barcelona: 470km (5h)
  • Pamplona: 348km (4h)
  • Biarritz: 230km (2.5h)
  • San Sebastian: 275km (3h)
  • Carcassone: 175km (2h)
  • Bilbao: 370km (4h)
  • Lyon: 620km (6h)
  • Bordeaux: 260km (3.25h)

Guggenheim Bilbao

On-site at the location of classes and evening meals, with pool:

  • dormitory accommodation with real beds for 20 persons
  • outdoor camping

You may book accommodation mid-week between the two seminars to extend your visit.

The location is in the village of Montbernard, department Haute-Garonne, region Occitanie, between Tarbes and Toulouse.

The nearest airport is Toulouse Blagnac TLS.
The nearest train stations are Gare de Saint-Gaudens.

We also encourage car rental so that you can explore the countryside. You can rent cars at Toulouse airport and main train station, Toulouse Matabiau.

We will help to coordinate those arriving at Toulouse airport and train station and we can do pickup for a fee.

  • Daily yoga sessions before, during, and after the seminar.
  • Private tango lessons can be booked mid-week between the two workshops.
  • Private coaching for personal fitness, flexibility, and bodybuilding can be booked on-site.
  • Local massage therapists available for on-site bookings.
  • 8 e-bikes available for stunning rides through the local countryside and villages.
  • Swimming pool
  • Guidebook for local shops, services, artisans, and markets
  • Lots and lots of stars, and very little light pollution

We want participants to feel welcome and safe.

Expecting ongoing biological and policy changes, we  design a secluded event on private property.

We will utilize on-site testing, not passes, to be inclusive and safe. We will ask all participants and staff, regardless of vaccination status, to use rapid-tests on arrival and on return from restaurants or any other external unmasked activity

We will use state of the art tests, preferring less invasive technology. We ask all participants to bring several tests and we will also have a stock for use here.


9 hours over 4 days and private lesson: €250

MasterCourse Students

Currently enrolled MasterCourse students and those whose enrollments expired after June 2020 are entitled to free registration in the workshop, but must still pay the costs of housing and food. Please fill the registration form here.


  • dormitory accommodation with beds, linens and towels: €25/per person/night
  • one private double room: €95/night for one or two persons
  • outdoor camping with your own equipment: €10/night


breakfast buffet €35/4 mornings

dinners €15-€20


We offer two work-trade positions for each session.

In exchange for 15 hours work, your registration will be reduced to €100 and you will receive free dormitory accommodation and breakfasts.

Refund Policy

If the event is cancelled due to French regulations that prohibit even private events, all participants will receive full refunds of all fees paid.
If individuals cancel their registration for personal reasons, the following rates apply:

Accommodation and food: You may cancel or modify this part of your booking with no penalty, and 100% refund if necessary up to one week before the event. Within one week from the event, you will receive a 50% refund.

Workshop registration fees:

  • Cancellation more than one calendar month before the event: 75% refund
  • Cancellation less than one month but more than more than one week before the event: 50% refund
  • Cancellation less than one week before the event: Your registration is transferable to another person, by your own arrangement. Bookings for accommodation and food can be fully refunded.

In the case of cancellation, registration fees not refunded can be used as credits toward enrollments in the TangoForge Digital School.

MAXIMUM TangoForge + 3 days to visit Tarbes Festival or country holiday

Enrollment in BOTH weekend seminars (8 days of lessons) • 10 days accommodation in dormitory with beds,  linens, and towels • 10 dinners and 10 breakfasts • airport/train shuttle • 2 hours private lessons


€1000 per person • 10 available

EXTENDED WEEKEND for Couple + extra duo private lesson + 3 days to visit Tarbes Festival or country holiday

Enrollment in ONE weekend seminar (your choice) • 7 nights accommodation in dormitory with beds, linens, and towels provided • 3 dinners during the seminar weekend • 7 breakfasts • extra hour private lesson for the couple

12-18.August OR 16-22.August

Note: you will need a rental car to visit the Tarbes festival

€1100 for two persons • 3 available

To book, please send email to confirm availability.

After registering you will be redirected to a page to create a login, so that you can manage your booking.


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