Interruption is part of the history of tango. During the dictatorship, tango became a family and home practice. It’s really not all about milongas.

Let us welcome this pause as part of the dance, a needed disruption of rhythm, part of a more complex one.

How exactly do you train at home alone?

What exactly to practice? For how long? How to be sure you’re doing it right? The TangoForge Home Practice Courses offer video training sessions with exercises. There are 10 courses for Marks, 10 for Revels, and 10 for Pairs.

Recognizing that people need the courses now more than ever, and also that many people are facing financial stress, we offer the practice courses at nearly 40% discount until the milongas reopen.

Yes, you need to train with partners, but about 70% of what most dancers need is a clear and strong understanding of technique and systems of variation.

Therefore we are running a second episode of our MasterCourse Challenge 2020 from 5.June until 25.September… do the whole MasterCourse with other students in 16 weeks for €300 less than the usual cost! ⚠️

As important as training is taking time to reflect …

… on tango –or any hobby, passion, or pasttime– to check on how it is affecting our relationships and other aspects of our lives. I think this is very hard to do, because in milongas we slip or jump between polarities of pleasure and pain, which do not lend themselves to simultaneous consideration. Some people say that the word ‘but’ allows a contradiction to go unresolved. I created the Dark Silences Workbook to help us do a proper audit

The workbook is inspired by my new book, Until Forever: The Dark Silences of Argentine Tango, which seems to be the first book about tango that looks critically at tango’s contradictions.

To encourage you to both  reflect and  train, you’ll find at the bottom of this page even bigger discounts on combination packages.

Reflect & Train

darksilencesworkbook cover Page

Dark Silences Workbook

Is tango still serving you?
  • A workbook to help us be systematic in looking at tango’s effects in our lives
  • 33 pages of thoughtful questions
  • TangoForge

    Dark Silences Workbook

Home Practice Courses

Usually €79 each, now €50
  • For solo dancers in both roles, or couples
  • Each course has 10 sessions with structured practice exercises.
  • Choose Mark/Leader, Revel/Follower, or Pair/Partner Course
  • TangoForge

    Home Practice Course


    Home Solo Practice Courses
  • Instant access, for 12 months
  • Prices valid until the milongas reopen.
mastercourse challenge v

MasterCourse Challenge 2020.II

5.June - 25.September
Study the 25 Elements in 16 sessions over 16 weeks
  • Do the MasterCourse in sync with other dancers
  • The Challenge includes a forum
    for students to ask questions about each session
    and read all the questions and Vio's answers.
  • The MasterCourse is usually €479.
    If you take the 16-week Challenge it's just €160.
  • TangoForge

    MasterCourse Challenge 2021



Practice & Reflection


Package: Book, Workbook, and One Course
  • Until Forever Book
  • Dark Silences Workbook
  • One Home Practice Course


New perspectives on tango


Package: Until Forever + MasterCourse Challenge 2020: II
  • Until Forever book
  • Dark Silences Workbook
  • MasterCourse Challenge


Maximum Training


Package: Challenge2020 + Home Practice Courses
  • MasterCourse Challenge
  • All 3 Home Practice Courses
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