Online Argentine Tango MasterCourse

Upon enrollment, you immediately gain access to the entire program, so you can plan and organize your progress through the curriculum following your own needs and interests.

The MasterCourse is designed to expand your understanding of tango by explaining and demonstrating the artistic character and improvisational possibilities that make each element of tango distinct along with the Element’s biomechanical requirements.

To train your body, the MasterCourse is accompanied by Solo Practice Courses for both roles, which offer structured practice sessions appropriate for all levels. Further exercises to train specific muscles are available in the Exercise Center.

  • Scientific biomechanical terminology enable objective communication of instructions with joint action and muscle contraction.
  • Included Exercise Center provides anatomical diagrams and solo exercises to improve muscle control and build strength.

There are systems for finding the variations of every Element in tango.

The MasterCourse covers the 25 Elements of Tango in 16 sessions. Over 18 months, you’ll have time to complete at least 4 circuits through the MasterCourse.

Your goals on the FIRST viewing and practice of each session should be

  • to grasp what is distinct about this element
  • to learn one or two variations and integrate them into your dance

When you return in subsequent viewings and practice having used this element in your dance, you will hear and understand more subtle points in the technique, and you will adopt more variations. Each time you watch the session you will have more skills and will be able to use more of the information presented.

The included Solo Home Practice Courses and Exercise Center provide structured training to improve your tango skills between classes.

To improve your understanding and to contextualize what you are learning in your live classes,  the included KnowledgeBase functions as a reference encyclopedia, enabling you to quickly look up unfamiliar terms and see how different teaching approaches fit together. It includes every tango term hyperlinked and illustrated with diagrams and short videos.

Improvising every step instead of using sequences produces a safer dance floor and better musicality.

Biomechanical technique works the same in any embrace.

Dancers of every level learn faster if they understand tango’s systems and possibilities.

We guarantee the quality of our instruction by answering all questions for free, by whatever medium is easiest for you. We have a chat button on the website, and also respond to questions by email, telegram, and whatsap.

When it’s possible to teach live classes, enrolled MasterCourse students have free access to any of our scheduled live workshops. So long as live classes are not possible, enrolled students receive 6 private video-chat sessions to ask questions. 


18-month enrollment
479 (that's €6 / week)
  • MasterCourse
    25 Elements in 16 video sessions
  • Solo Practice Courses
    Each course has 10 video sessions
    There is one course for each role and one for practice pair
  • Exercise Center
    Anatomical explanations and video exercises to improve
    muscle strength and control
  • KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia
    Hyperlinked entries with diagrams and video clips

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