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If you want to accelerate your tango education, and need structure, regularity, and personal attention, join the MasterCourse Challenge 2021


The MasterCourse is a comprehensive explanation of the 25 Elements of Tango organized in 16 succinct video sessions. It includes every detail from our live classes, all the technique you need, and how to find the variations of each Element. Generally, we offer the MasterCourse for an 18 month enrollment and students work at their own pace.

Each year we offer an intensive challenge: do the MasterCourse in sync with other dancers in 16 weeks.

NEW for 2021 Each student will have a private consultation to create a practice structure for their personal situation.

NEW for 2021 Every week you’ll receive two sets of practice exercises for the week’s elements: one for solo practice and another for pair practice.

Every session include a Q/A forum.

NEW for 2021 When there are lots of questions from students, Vio will answer the questions on video, in addition to the text forum.

And instead of the usual MasterCourse price of €479, the Challenge is just €160… that’s €10 per session

The Challenge 2021 starts on 23.July and ends on 5.November.

Enrollment is limited to 30 students.

25 Elements in 16 sessions over 16 weeks for €160.

Register before the start date, 23.July.


MasterCourse Challenge 2021

Currently enrolled MasterCourse students have access to the Challenge Q/A forum and are warmly welcomed to participate.

ALUMNI of the 2020 Challenge may join again at a 30% discount.

Your credential will be reinstated manually after you pay €110 on the Upgrade Page.

2020 Alumni

Every Friday you will get access to one video session of the MasterCourse (In English and Deutsch versions) and *NEW for 2021* two sets of practice exercises for the week’s elements: one for solo practice and another for pair practice. (in EN)

To motivate you to keep up while giving flexibility to anticipate busy weeks, each session will remain visible for TWO weeks.

Each session includes a Q/A forum.

The usual Master Course price of €479 gives students instant and ongoing access to the 16 MasterCourse sessions, complimented by our Exercise Center, KnowledgeBase hyperlinked reference encyclopedia, and Home Practice Courses, for 18 months. 

The Challenge includes the MasterCourse (in EN and DE) on timed release For 16 weeks.  To keep you on track, one MasterCourse session is released each week and remain accessible for just two weeks.  You also have access to the KnowledgeBase.

The challenge is for students who need structure and time pressure or who want a more affordable option. 

The challenge also includes a forum in which all students can participate and read the questions and answers for each session. 

At the end of the Challenge students may choose to take our online Exam. The Exam is the first step toward TangoForge Teacher Certification, a program we will launch mid-2020. (Current MasterCourse students will also have the opportunity to take the Exam.)

As always Challenge students may upgrade to the 18-month Digital School enrollment ( including the MasterCourse and all of our materials, live classes, and 6 free private question sessions). If you decide you want to continue studying the MasterCourse after the Challenge, you just pay the difference.

TangoForge didn’t start online education in March of 2020.
We’ve been building our Digital School since 2014
25 Elements in 16 sessions

1 Front Steps 2 Back Steps 4 Change of Foot

3 Side Step 6 Ochos

5 Molinete Lineal

7 Sacada

8 Double Giro 9 Mark’s Single Giro10 Revel’s Single GIro (Calesita)

11 Crosses

12 Parada

13 Barrida… Sandwichito… Pulpeades

14 Rebote 15 Alteración

16 Voleos Circular 17 Voleos Linear

18 Ganchos … Piernazo

19 Rebote Cadera 20 Patada

21 Volcada 22 Colgada

23 Soltada

24 Adorno

25 Salta/Sostenida

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