In March we were all skeptical about working, learning, and maintaining our friendships by video. By now we have learned that more is possible than we imagined.

I’ve heard about people who were able to stick to yoga or exercise routines, or even stay on track with writing projects by making regular video appointments with friends across the world or across town.

Inspired by these lockdown study-buddies, we are now offering a special double enrollment in the 18-month MasterCourse.

Your study-buddy is probably not your practice partner, if you even have one now. It’s a friend who you choose because you want to spend time with them helping each other grasp the whole panorama of tango through the MasterCourse.

Double Down on the Distance

Commit to the MasterCourse with Friend/s
Usually €479 – Now €505 for 2 – or 3 ! offer valid until 31.January
  • MasterCourse Videos: 25 Elements in 16 Sessions
  • For ambitious students who want to understand all of tango
  • Includes the KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia,
    The Muscle Exercise Center,
    and all three Home Practice Courses
  • All materials except the KnowledgeBase are in both EN and DE
  • instant access to all material, for 18 months
  • Each student gets Six 20-minute
    private video sessions with Vio to ask questions
    (Yes, you may join one another's sessions.)
  • Free entry to Live Workshops
    as soon as we are able to start teaching again

Interruption is part of the history of tango. During the 7 years of the dictatorship, tango became a family and home practice. It’s really not all about milongas.

Let us welcome this pause as part of the dance, a needed disruption of rhythm, part of a more complex one.

Entering the winter we renew our intentions and strategies for development during this time of Distance.

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