Personalized Writing Retreat

in Southern France

You know what you want to write.

You’re ready to commit.

We offer the space and support to get it done.

Our writing retreats are personalized for each participant. 

Solitude with accountability or working alongside others… Meals at your desk or conviviality….Mad focus or breaks with physical activity. We’ll prepare your ideal workspace, and provide the discipline or encouragement you need.

To get unstuck,  reorganized, or witnessed, expert consultation is always in reach.

Celebrate each day with people who live the creative process. 

an unforgettable journey into creativity and connection.
an unforgettable journey into creativity and connection.Rachel, Oakland
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The tranquil location provided the perfect backdrop for focused writing.

Hosts Amory + Daniel have created a warm, welcoming and joyous atmosphere. The flexibility of the retreat allowed me to follow my own creative rhythms.

Shared meals were a highlight, featuring insanely delicious local cuisine and lively conversations. They could also cater to my gluten-free diet, and still, everything was divine!

Despite the retreat being self-directed, there was no shortage of support and resources. There were optional activities like yoga, meditation, and going to a local farmers’ market, etc… The choose-your-own-adventure style was ideal.

I left feeling rejuvenated and deeply inspired. I highly recommend it to any writer seeking a tranquil and supportive environment. It truly was a magical experience, surpassing all my expectations.

The setting, combined with the warmth and care of the hosts, made it an unforgettable journey into creativity and connection.
someone who understood the process of writing and who I could share that with.
someone who understood the process of writing and who I could share that with.Angela, Germany
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For me, personally, this was a perfect getaway - such a luxury to have absolutely nothing else to think about than just your story and how to make it work! What I loved about this retreat and why I chose it - initially - was that it was far away in the countryside with no distractions. (And I truly loved my walks in the nature and going to the Saturday market with its artistic and alternative vibe, which was lovely!) Also, I chose this retreat, because it offered to take care of all the cooking and it allowed for complete flexibility in that I could decide what I wanted to eat and when and where (if I felt like being social, I could eat in the kitchen, if not, I stayed in my room). And now - in retrospect - I would recommend it for the above reasons, but on top I would add that, as I am still a newbie writer, I liked having a support system around - someone who understood the process of writing and who I could share that with. Further, I loved that I could get into a daily yoga routine with Amory. I managed to write 45+ pages, did a lot of research, fixed plot holes and altogether really felt like I could dive all into the creative process. Additionally, I developed a daily yoga practice (I had been doing yoga before, but not on a daily basis) and ate yummy veggie foods.
The team working at the house provide a creative energy that stimulates the process.
The team working at the house provide a creative energy that stimulates the process.Lianda, Amsterdam
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The environment for concentration is optimal. The team working at the house provide a creative energy that stimulates the process. I was looking for a quiet place and found it matched my expectations exactly. I finished the entire outline of my story, completed research and started with the first chapter.
I can not describe how healthy and delicious the food was.
I can not describe how healthy and delicious the food was.Virginia, Berkeley
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Don't pass up this magical retreat!

This retreat was a tremendous value for what I paid. The countryside is exquisite, and most days I took walks to clear my head and think. You are really out in the country - lots of birdsong, everything blooming, and fresh foods at the markets. Amory is a great companion, smart, warm-hearted, and friendly. There are so many great results from this retreat. Amory was just the perfect mix of having knowledge and interest in my project, and knowing when to push me just a little, when to leave me along, and when to ask what I needed.

Amory is an insanely talented cook, and I can not describe how healthy and delicious the food was. I am not used to being "taken care of," but she did it gracefully. She cooked the kind of food I wanted, she served it whenever I wanted, and in the evenings, I had the choice of eating by myself, with her, or with her and the French friends who also live in the house. I ended up eating dinners with everyone most nights, and I got to learn more French and have a fun evening. All in all, this was the perfect retreat for me.
coaching is poignant and profound and I was not expecting this quality of food.
coaching is poignant and profound and I was not expecting this quality of food.Catherine, Los Angeles
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The location is ideal for focusing. The rooms are large, the view is lovely, and the beds and linens are comfortable.

Amory is dedicated to ensuring your ability to accomplish your goals - from changing out my desk to one that was more suitable to my needs to ensuring I got the afternoon treats I needed to stay motivated!

She is an incredible cook and prepares delicious meals with so much love! When you are deep in writing it's a grounding experience to step out to a fabulous meal in a lovely setting.

She is willing to engage with you whatever your needs are - I enjoyed discussing the day's accomplishments over dinner and she provided astute feedback and helpful suggestions.

This is a retreat like none other - suited for the independent-minded who want to formulate a retreat for their specific needs.
feedback has depth and clarity
feedback has depth and clarityJeannette, North Carolina
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I've been struggling to get across the finish line with a book for about seven months, due to a series of family difficulties, work pressures, etc.

I really needed to get far away from my daily list of responsibilities.

Wow. Where do I start?

First, I completed in seven days what I had been struggling to get through for seven months. My book is nearly ready to submit now. On the eighth day, I contemplated my next book.

I ate a ton of excellent cheeses. Plus, crepes, local breads and jams, and a lot of other wonderful food/dishes from local farmers. As a farmer myself, I LOVED visiting markets with Amory. Her cooking (and Daniel's) is also fabulous.

Amory's feedback, when I asked her to read three of the essays from the book, had insight, depth and clarity--and came from a different perspective than some of my previous readers, which was great.
terrific – every aspect from beginning to end.
terrific – every aspect from beginning to end.Daniel, NYC
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I needed simply some dedicated time to work on my writing, with a change of scene...and the retreat delivered plus so much more.

Amory was a perfect host, cook, and insightful confidante, truly interested and capable of assisting me with my needs. I especially loved the scenery and great walks, Amory's care, and the great food experience (highly recommended).

The house was charming and perfect. Hoping I can come back sometime!
so perceptive
so perceptiveCecilia, Miami
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25m2 East View
1089 7 days
  • Additional Days €141
  • Double Occupancy +€550
    non-writer +400
  • June-September
    additional days €169


13m2 South View
989 7 days
  • Additional days €127
  • Work-Trade -€200 *
  • June-September
    additional days €155


35m2 Small South View
989 7 days
  • Additional Days €127
  • Double Occupancy +€550
    non-writer +400
  • Work-Trade -€200 *
  • June-September
    additional days €155
  • A 7 day retreat is 7 full days with no charge for arrival or departure days.
  • All meals included, cooked to your specifications.
  • Personalized schedule, space, and services
  • Infinite coaching/feedback on demand
  • visits to local farmers markets
  • airport pickup/dropoff
  • yoga and meditation on request
  • swimming pool (May-September)

Every writer has different needs. Our retreat is personalized to support maximum focus and creativity for your writing. We assemble your optimal workspace. We are available for structured and/or spontaneous coaching and feedback. 

We serve hand-made local food from farms, personalized to your preferences, when you are hungry. 

Each day, you tell us when you’re hungry and where you want to eat: at your desk, in the dining room, in the sun on the terrace, or chatting in the kitchen.

Recent feedback on Amory’s coaching: “depth and clarity”, “poignant and profound”.

We speak English and French.

Domaine Valent is located in the countryside of the Occitanie, 1 hour west of Toulouse Blagnac Airport in Southern France.

The district is composed of small farms. The landscape is completely tranquil. We are 10 minutes from two village that offer weekly farmers markets, supermarkets, wine shops, pharmacies, post office, and tobacco stores. There are many other beautiful villages to visit. 

The Villa is a spacious Charentaise-style house. We have large guest rooms with hardwood floors, comfortable beds, and minimalist antique decor. The walls are blank to receive your ideas and maps.

We can host a maximum of 7 writers at a time, but usually just two or three are here. 

Guests share attractive bathrooms.

There are desks in each room and many other indoor and outdoor spaces you may use for writing. We have fibre internet and wifi, but you don’t have to connect to it. 

Amory Violet is currently writing her eighth non-fiction book.

As a professor, she published three academic books. Since her retirement she has continued to research and write non-fiction in a more accessible and poetic style. She also writes several blogs.

She is now an artist and entrepreneur, so she continues to study creativity, productivity, and marketing, and provides coaching on all of these.

Here are her books, with excerpts.

Here’s a selection of blog posts:

She offers custom, personalized support for the process of writing in any genre. She can advise non-fiction writers with regard to structure and argumentation. She does not advise in the craft of fiction-writing, but she does advise fiction writers in the creative process..

Daniel Adrenaline is an extreme actor, stuntman and performer.

He is one of the pioneers of the discipline of Parkour which he helped to develop and make known throughout the world with his Team Adrenaline. Daniel also practices gymnastics, acrobatics, stunts, break-dancing, karate, wing chung, French boxing and capoeira.

In the cinema, he performed with Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Vincent Cassel, Marion Cotillard, Emmanuelle Beart, Vincent Perez… He also worked as a first assistant director and production assistant. In his own productions, he is director, fight choreographer and stunt coordinator.

His live performances include acrobatic fights and stunts for parties, award ceremonies, festivals…as well as choreography and stage management.

He brings commitment, agility, humor and a high level of professionalism and athleticism to all his work.

Many people dream to perform an action scene like their film heros. Daniel teaches amateurs the techniques of professional stuntmen. While you are here, he can film an action scene for you to take home and share.

You tell us in advance your formulas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we buy everything necessary direct from local farmers and French organic food shops. We do not shop in supermarkets and we do not use any industrial ingredients.

We love cheese and will introduce you to the local and regional cheese culture.

Our cooking style is Nouvelle Cuisine, interpreted through California and returned home to France. This means a focus on seasonal and regional ingredients prepared simply.

We prepare your meals personally for you and by hand, so we can accommodate any dietary regime or preference.

The region has wonderful farmers markets which we would love to show to you.

To commit to your project, choose one of the booking options above. If you want fewer days or other changes, you’ll have a chance to note this on the registration details form after paying. We will make a custom invoice later reflecting any changes you make. 

If your plans change

You may cancel 3 weeks before your arrival for 90% refund. 

You may cancel up to 3 days before your arrival for 50% refund.

In the case of cancellations, 50% of the amount not refunded may be applied to a future booking. 


The nearest large city is Toulouse.

Transportation to/from Toulouse airport TLS or train station Matabiau is included in the price. If you do not need pickup in private car, you can receive a reduction in price. 

How to come to us by public transportation

From the airport TLS, take a taxi or the €9 shuttle to the main train station. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes and takes 22 minutes. Adjoining Matabiau train station is the bus station, Gare Routière, where you will find Bus 365 that brings you for €2 to the stop Montbernard-La Vierge, just 1 km from the Villa. We pick you up from there.

If you are travelling by train you may be able to book all the way to Boussens. There is a small fee for pickup at Boussens.


We offer a custom program and as much coaching as you want. We are flexible about the time you eat, what you want to eat, where you work, and when you want to talk. Constant adjustment to all of this is included in the price. 

Changes to arrival and departure days involve a cascade of logistics. You may change your arrival or departure date one time for free. After that, changes will incur a fee of €50. 

Feel Free to ask any Question

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