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Regardless of which “style” of tango you prefer, all Argentine Tango relies on the same skills. We have studied anatomy and biomechanics to be able to give actionable instructions for sublime connection, balance, clear communication, and fluid movement.

We teach Argentine Tango technique in a way that everyone can understand and implement, so that teaching is not a cult of personality and metaphor, but a toolbox that students can use on their own to diagnose their own errors, assist partners, and learn faster from any teachers.

We dance Argentine Tango in a traditional way which means that we take pride in our skills. We dance every movement in the Tango Lexicon inherited from the 1940s – in every variation, on both sides! We seek to dance with contrast of mood from serious to humorous, with a contrast of musicality working with the rhythm and the melody, with contrast of speed and dynamic, and variation in the embrace from sweet to sensual to athletic – always with sublime connection. We encourage all gender/roles, styles, and the application of tango to every music you love.

TangoForge at Bruges NeoTango Marathon

In collaboration with the Bruges NeoTango Marathon we will teach a one-day Seminar and two Workshops.

Friday, 7.February 14:00-19:00 with a one hour break:
It’s possible to maintain perfect communication and connection in any embrace, with any touch, and even without touch. To do this, we trust tango’s method of sharing balance, tango’s extraordinary communication technology, and tango’s pathways and interaction-systems.

Saturday, 8.February 14:00-16:00 with a short break
THEME: Pro vs. Contra circular voleos.
In this workshop we will learn the technique for both pro and contra circular voleos and explore the different uses for different dynamics.

Sunday, 9.February 14:00-16:00 with a short break
In this workshop, we will learn how to make beautiful linear voleos (pro) and mix them with pro circular voleos.



  • Workshops are appropriate for all levels except absolute beginner.
  • No partner is required for registration.
  • Registrations are not refundable, but they are transferrable.


Intention is very important to us.  As we prepare in advance to teach, we prefer that our students also prepare their intentions in advance by committing to participate. Therefore we require pre-registration for our seminar on Friday. 

You can register in advance by credit card through the website with the blue buttons below. The website is secure. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, send an email to stating what you would like to register for, and we will send you the IBAN.

Friday only


Friday Seminar: Soltadas

Friday + Saturday + Sunday


Friday Seminar + 2 Workshops

Saturday + Sunday


Saturday + Sunday Workshops

You may also pay at the door on Saturday and Sunday for €20 per class.

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