Greek NeoTango Marathon 12-19.Sept



Seminar 7-9.September

Join TangoForge in the beautiful and important city of Athens for our Annual Seminar Compañeros TangoForge, theme: Consequence.
We’ll start with our basics workshop on Saturday, covering our ever-distilled understandings about the most effective way to achieve clarity and sublime connection. Topics: projection, embrace actions, and use of the obliques (distinguishing lateral movements (side step, ochos, change of foot, and crosses) …
Saturday night will be a neolonga. There’s also a classical open-air milonga.
Sunday and Monday we’ll examine the tango elements which embody consequence: voleos (circular and linear, pro and contra), off-balance movements (volcada, colgada) and salta (jumps, drags, lifts).
Sunday night is a classic milonga in a location with a view of the acropolis. Monday night is a classical open-air milonga in the street.

Location of the Seminar: Tango FIX, Diliados str, neighborhoood: Koukaki, Athens.
Δηλιάδος 4 & Λεωφ. Συγγρού 66, (Μετρό Συγγρού Φιξ).


Marathon 12-19.September

We scheduled our workshop alongside the Greek NeoTango Marathon, which takes place at a beach hotel and village, 12-19.Sept
The Marathon warms up on Thursday night but you can have an extra day on the islands and arrive for the first official night on Friday. There will be two dance floors, one indoors with the visuals and the other outdoors with the moon and sea, running through Sunday night.
During the Marathon, if you don’t want to stay in the hotel, organizer Thanos confirms there are lots of nearby airbnb options.



Between the Seminar and the Marathon, we recommend you spend a couple of days exploring Athens or Islands and meet us on the beach for the Athens NeoTango Marathon, 12-16.September. (For island vacations, you can leave Athens by the Port Piraeus, and then return near to the Marathon at Port Rafina).



Registrations received before 1.August include Private Lesson and discount promo code for the Marathon.
Students of the TangoForge MasterCourse may attend the workshop for free, but must register for housing and pay for food. Students who do the workshop are entitled to upgrade to the MasterCourse afterward, gaining free entry to all of our workshops for the following 18 months.

If your credit card payment is successful you will receive a message on the screen “Success” and you will receive a receipt by email. If these things do not happen, your payment was not successful. Please contact to arrange another form of payment.
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