It only takes 10 years to learn Tango

if your teacher is incompetent.

Although Argentine Tango is an improvised dance, almost all classes rely on sequences. TangoForge is different. For each of the 25 Elements we teach you the basic Argentine Tango technique and then how to find the variations on your own, so you can explore and innovate in real time while dancing … instead of struggling to remember how to start that sequence.




MasterCourse Basic Elements: 6 Elements for 6 Months
  • Walking: Front, Side Back
  • Changes of Foot
  • Ochos
  • Molinete Lineal
  • The 3 Giros
  • Sacadas
  • Upgrade Anytime




MasterCourse Control Elements: 7 Themes for 7 months
  • Parada
  • Crosses
  • Barrida
  • Volcada
  • Colgada
  • Adorno
  • Soltada
  • Upgrade Anytime




MasterCourse Power Elements: 8 Elements for 8 months
  • Rebote
  • Alteración
  • Rebote Cadera
  • Patada
  • Circular Voleo
  • Linear Voleo
  • Gancho
  • Salta
  • Upgrade Anytime


All of Tango


  • All the Elements
  • Exercise Center
  • KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia
  • Solo Home Practice Courses
  • Free Access to all our Live Seminars
  • Discount for Private Lessons

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TangoForge Learning Tools

The TangoForge Argentine Tango Video MasterCourse uses scientific terminology for precise instruction without the physical touch of a teacher to accelerate your learning with effective independent practice. It includes the Biomechanical fundamentals necessary for every “style” of tango and the Improvisation systems which underlie musicality and agile floorcraft.
The KnowledgeBase is like Wikipedia for Tango. It has more than 175 entries covering movement elements and technique terms, hyperlinked so you can go immediately to anything you are curious about. It’s instant reference whenever you want to study. The MasterCourse notes are hyperlinked to the KnowledgeBase.
The Exercise Center has physiological diagrams so you can visualize muscle chains, exercises for specific muscles, and text, video, and audio workouts for private solo home practice.
Our YouTube Channel encourages improvisation from the Elements by quickly reminding you of all the variations of any movement. These short <2minute videos don’t include any instruction, just inspiring possibilities. FREE.

Learn to dance from the ELEMENTS so you can improvise without memorizing.

Learn exactly which MUSCLES you need to use, and train them.

Learn the TOOLBOX of technique for all movements.

Learn at home effectively with solo exercises and duo PRACTICE.

Stop memorizing sequences*
and start improvising from the elements of Tango

*or being annoyed with yourself for not being able to remember them.

Take our Lexicon Self-Test,
then use our Impro Workbook
to structure your development.

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