In honor of our Anniversary

Our lives and work are made meaningful if we understand that we can in the course of our struggle become a gift.

We did not study tango as a career, we strained to understand tango as a pathway to unseen parts of ourselves that were calling.

The treasure of our journey is an unparalleled resource, our MasterCourse. It is all our practice, investigation, analysis, and vision. We keep no secrets and we give all our knowledge.

The 28th of August 2014 was the deadline for our decision to leap across an ocean to be together.

I did not know how to do that.

People tend to believe that I am fearless, bankrolled, or utterly self-confident. None of these are true. I am just a person wounded and lost in the usual ways. Not only the move to Roberto and Berlin, but every breath of TangoForge came from daring to focus on my desire, analyzing what needed to be done, and the practice of self-discipline. So I wrote a book about how I get to it. It’s called Syntax of Power.

Because your dreams are different and your oceans are different, and because people helped us to get here, we share with you not only our knowledge but the crucible of our daring.


What we have in common is a lust for creativity, in ourselves and others.

We don’t dance to be stars. We dance to inspire.

We don’t dance to demonstrate expertise, but to be humbled by the creative power that flows through our union.

We don’t teach because it’s a nice job. We do everything we can to share our understanding of tango as quickly as possible with our students, because we want to dance with you as soon as possible.

We design our pedagogy to accelerate students’ improvisation and deepen your understanding so you can develop independently.

We build community so that we will all have many partners to grow with, to find an incomparable tango with each one.

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