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Erlebe Argentinischer Tango in Berlin Mitte

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Argentine Tango takes you to FLOW with Another PERSON! (without small talk). This takes you your mind off your problems and lifts your spirits.

Who is good at it?: Geeks, Yogis, Pilates Practitioners, and Martial Artists.

You will learn to communicate with someone using only very fine muscle control. This is a fascinating challenge for people who already have a lot of muscle to learn to use it in different ways. (Especially interesting for ballerinas, contemporary dancers, and crossfit people.)

If you are injured or peaked, Tango is a way to continue intense body training and experiences, with lower demands for strength, flexibility, and impact.


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Unsere Argentinischer Tango Anfänger Programm: Beginne mit einer perfekten Technik und vermeide von Anfang an schlechte Gewohnheiten. Wir widmen uns ganz deinem persönlichen Interesse und deinen Fähigkeiten. Wöchentliche Privatstunden + Pass für den gesamten Trainingsplan

Du kannst an jedem beliebigen Tag im Monat einsteigen.

For Absolute Beginners with less than 6 months experience.
Start with perfect technique, no bad habits, and personal attention to your interests and capacities.
Weekly privates + Unlimited Pass so you can learn what you want when you want

We also have an online program, check it here.

Wenn du möchtest, kannst du am ersten Tag deines Trainings in bar bezahlen, aber wir brauchen eine Anmeldung per SMS oder E-Mail
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Wir unterrichten in deutscher und englischer Sprache.

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Programs are billed monthly. You can start your month on any day.
If you prefer to pay by cash, you may do on the first day, but you need to book by sms or email
If you prefer to pay by IBAN: IBAN DE13430609671170841800 Konto: Starr  BLZ 43060967 BIC GENODEM1GLS.
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Tango is a new way to experience yourself, and other people. Connection is a physical experience of being one creature with another person. You are forced into “Flow” in a way that displaces all distractions and stress. You work with your mind, body, heart, and other parts all at once so you feel unusually whole and fully present. And you experience the thrill of total mutual concentration with another person. You are not alone, you are in it together, you understand something in the same way, and you are committed to collaboration.

It’s sort of like being inside a poem together, trying to figure it out together, and then sharing intense moments of recognition and beauty.

You experience all this with some friends who you meet often, and also with strangers, with whom you can “connect” without any small talk. With some people you’ll experience sensuality, with others exhilarating athleticism. Each connection is different. You’ll dance in different kinds of spaces, which bring out different moods in you and the other dancers. And you’ll dance to different kinds of music, which link to different emotions and sentiments. As a tango dancer you’ll have the chance to meet local people and have nice experiences wherever you travel in the world.

Some things to know about tango:

  • It’s not necessary to have a regular partner.
  • It’s not necessary to wear high heels or dress up.
  • It’s not necessary to have a good “sense for rhythm”. Tango is open to each dancer’s own musical interpretation and you are allowed to dance very, very slowly.
  • It’s not necessary to be young, skinny, in good shape, and beautiful. It’s not usually portrayed in advertising, but the reality is that more than half of the people dancing tango globally are over 50 and do not have any prior dance experience or fitness regime. Tango appeals to professionals and intellectuals who feel the need for something social and physically expressive, and to people from many different backgrounds who just do not like small talk.
  • Tango is a safe environment in which the context of connection is highly structured: nonconsensual touch is forbidden, and people part respectfully and sweetly after about 15 minutes of dancing.
  • Tango is an excellent clean and sober activity which requires so much concentration you might not even notice that alcohol is often for sale at tango events. Most dancers feel tango is better without alcohol, and drink very little if any.
  • There is a Rainbow Queer Tango Scene in Berlin and most major cities in which the heteronormative tango roles and images are completely ignored. 

But tango is not for everyone. It’s not a dance that you can just show up and do occasionally, “for fun”. It’s a serious hobby, more like rock climbing than like salsa. At first it’s very hard, then it becomes interesting and exciting. It takes some patience and commitment before you can start to appreciate where that hard work is going. People who do have an athletic or dance background are usually surprised at how challenging tango is. Tango uses a fascinating mix of relaxation and strength, which even professional ballerinas and contemporary dancers find challenging. Experienced ballroom dancers need to adjust to tango’s naturalistic aesthetic. MuscleMen and Crossfit types have to learn to use their muscles very subtly, which is a whole new kind of control.

You might be surprised at who learns tango fastest:

  • Geeks (engineers and programmers) who are very analytic, and do not have a lot of athletic movement habits in their bodies.
  • Yogis who have learned to work with a lot of physical paradoxes and who love and trust their bodies.
  • Martial artists who realize that our physical power comes from legs and earth.
  • Pilates practitioners who appreciate fine control of muscles.  

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