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Some readers have responded to recent posts with alarm. They perceive a darkness.

That’s because I decided to take a serious look at tango.

While I was calibrating my dusty social science equipment, people kept dropping by to to me about their pain.

I am the one who is alarmed.

I found a lot of darkness.

Enough to carve a book from tango’s stony silence.  I picked up my pen and found it sharp and dripping with urgency.

Enough to press pause on the forlorn soundtrack of this dangerous game. I accepted an invitation to islands, over water, in and out of harbors, to remember or discover what might have delighted me if one crucial unforgiving gaze had not became my measure of all things.

I write to you now from a new vessel, sailing well-christened, but not yet named. I will surrender to her wisdom of routes I have not traveled, to the grandeur of a world whose magnificence I lost sight of, until I can discern new constellations of liberation in the darkness of this dance which drew us together.


The book surrenders now to its third draft. I look forward to share it with you soon.





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