20 December

Action in Fear and Anxiety

There are lots of things to be afraid of. Take action anyway. Here’s my recipe against fear, anxiety, and helplessness:

If it hasn’t happened yet, don’t put yourself through it yet.

If it happens, consider that maybe the disaster is actually an aperture. Maybe it frees you.

In the time of uncertainty focus your thoughts on the outcome you want. In the chasm, your lifeline is your desire.

You are never helpless. That is a myth or a habit. Doesn’t matter. Not and never true.

How to Power:

  1. Ask questions. Do research. Find out more. How much does it cost? What are the steps? What does the law say?
  2. Know that if you have a problem, others have it. Some of them are already in action. Find them. People are usually happy to share their experience. (Note that some problems that seem individual turn out to be collective.)
  3. List every possible action and direction. (Don’t reject anything without research and consideration.)
  4. Get and be crystal clear about what you want. Pour desire on the problem. (You get to choose devolution, abandonment, transformation, battle for victory.)
  5. Waste no time discouraging yourself (and don’t let anyone else do so).
  6. Ask for help. Who do you know who knows about this or some piece of it? (Ask for specific things, so that people don’t waste your time with general warnings or other useless advice.)
  7. Watch out for lurkers and ghosts of bullies and parents. Don’t do it their way. Gently show them where to get out of your way.
  8. Know that your assessment of “possible” is wrong. (Watch circus.) The impossible, generally, are things we haven’t tried yet.
  9. Proceed with deliberate force.