24 December

Colorado Music

When we teach adornos, we typically do an exercise called “the joint dance” in which we ask students to explore the range of motion of each joint in their body, and to use this range of motion to express the music.

For this exercise I play some of my “Colorado Music” and students are usually very curious to know more about it.

Colorado is home to lots of folks who emerged from the Grateful Dead scene with a hunger for live, improvised, soulful music. All week long, small venues host improvised rock with lots of jazz and funk, bits of hiphop, heavy bass and lots of horns.

Here are my favorites:

Galactic from New Orleans

Liquid Soul from New Orleans

Vinyl from Marin County, California

Soulive from New York

Greyhounds from Austin (see if you can find their first album, Waiting for Francis, not on youtube, but some newer stuff is) Interview

Karl Denson from Southern California with his band the Greyboy Allstars and subsequently Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

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