16 December

Electro Retrofit
I love vintage design, especially American products from the 1940s, but also 1980s BMWs. In the US I owned two 735 and it had been my intention to buy another one.
This year I learned that it’s now possible to retrofit even such a heavy vehicle to run on electric power. With any vehicle you can now optimize between weight, range, and speed to design an electrical power system appropriate for your needs. This means that we can keep  beloved and gorgeous classic cars alive in the landscape: iconic VW bugs and beetles, futuristic Citroëns and Saabs, finsome Chevrolets, sexy Porsches. Take the Triumph or the Jaguar and turn it into a reliable car!
Even Ford Motor Company has recently released an electric motor for its classic pickup trucks. Follow all the news at https://retro-electric.uk/.
You can organize a project yourself or employ a retrofit firm, such as the French company, Retrofuture. Battery-weight issues will soon be obviated by the coming network of Hydrogen fueling stations.
And more and more countries are offering rebate for retrofit, not only for purchase of new electric vehicles. 
If you’re into automotivistics, you can even take an online course to learn how to do the retrofit at home.
If you’re curious to learn more, check my research page
Let’s not enrich the same companies who refused to consider alternative energy and kept us on a dangerous path for so long. Instead of buying a new car, choose a classic you love and support the autonomy of independent mechanics by hiring them for retrofit.  If you need help finding mechanics or want to learn more, feel free to write to me for help. 


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