11 December

Now that we all spend more time at home, it might make sense to redesign it. We often work with received ideas of what rooms should be for and how we should use them. But home should be a place designed just for you.
Here’s how I do it. I realize that I have four main actions: writing, yoga. dancing, and contemplation. I look for the place in the house with the best and longest span of natural light and build my office there. Contemplation requires a completely distraction-free space with the view of a horizon or an altar. Yoga happens also in a place with a nice view and plenty of space. Dancing only needs floor space. 
I like a serene kitchen. The only objects in view should be things that both get daily use and are beautiful.  Frequently used things that are not beautiful have priority on the most accessible cupboard space – out of sight but in reach. Everything else is organized in concentric circles, with distance an indication of frequency of use. Counters should be clear all the way to the wall,.  Ideally a kitchen also has comfortable chairs on which to park guests so they can talk to me while I feed them. 
I keep all surfaces and walls clear to invite ideas and projects. Small surfaces are used for altars, the only sort of “decoration” I want. Every object there must be resonant and meaningful, I prefer objects that are sculptural rather than literal, so I avoid objects with obvious sentimentality (like refrigerator magnets).
If you’re interested in this way of thinking, you may want to check out my new podcast, launching soon, called Quality of Life
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