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Dancing as Development

In these times of restriction, we need to find pleasure independent of quantity or newness. We need to understand how to deepen our pleasure with people we already know, who are close by.

For some time I’ve been less concerned about dancing as an issue of level, and more concerned with the relationship. If I feel we are developing together and I have the chance to contribute and shape that development, dancing is satisfying, regardless of level. But when I dance with someone who is not interested in having an ongoing and dialogic relationship, it’s both less secure and less attractive, even if he is a very good dancer. 
When students come to me with respect and enthusiasm, even if their dancing is very limited I’m quickly able to get them to a point that I can enjoy dancing with them. This is partly because I have refined, effective teaching methods, but partly because I feel engaged by their dancing. I can feel them growing in my arms, and I am involved in it. This brings a sense of satisfaction and possibility that I could never experience in an anonymous tanda with such a dancer.

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