16 December

Turkey, Bacon, Caramel Apple Sandwiches

I don’t really eat or make sandwiches. Except these.

I discovered them at the kind of Jewish deli that serves bacon… Zaidy’s Deli, Denver, R.I.P. 2020.

You will need:

  • light rye bread with caraway seeds, sliced
    (For Europeans, what this means is a bread that is about 75% wheat and 25% rye, with a generous amount of kummel seeds in it. If such a bread is not available, use whatever rye bread you can find and sprinkle some caraway seeds into the apples after cooking. We have also used rye rolls/brotchen.)
  • roasted or smoked turkey or chicken, sliced
  • bacon
  • fresh apples

First thing to do is fry the apples (one per sandwich, but more will be appreciated, feel free to double). This takes about 20 minutes. I do it much better than Zaidy’s because Fried Apples was a favorite supper side-dish served by my grandmother. Do not peel the apples. Slice into thin wedges (3mm at the widest part) and fry in olive oil over medium heat. If you stir too much, they’ll disintegrate, so try to turn them rather than just stirring. Be patient until they start to brown.  You can add a handful of brown sugar to accelerate caramelization.

When the apples are done, focus on the bacon. (2 strips per sandwich) I like to bake it because it makes less smell. Make it chewy or crispy, however you like bacon best. If you want to drain the bacon on a paper towel after cooking, that’s fine.

When the bacon is done, toast the bread. Be sure when toasting that you achieve “twoness”, that is the outside should be crunchy and the inside should be collapsing like a soufflé. Butter the toast.

Now assemble buttered toast, turkey/chicken, a pile of apples, and a strip or two of bacon per sandwich.