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Argentine Tango is a way to share your creativity and musicality.

Sequences are bad for everything we care about.

photo Ilsa Hellman

Who needs to concentrate when everyone is dancing the same sequences? Dance one Element at a time and keep your partner's full attention for more intense connection. 

Sequences cause crashes. Learn to dance from the Elements so you can always innovate with changing space.

Sequences have canned musicality. Use the Elements to express the music with your personality.  

Learn systems for finding the variations of the 25 Lexicon Elements 

and never use a sequence again. 

Get the MasterCourse

or start with our Improvisation Self-Test and Workbook: 


We all need more students, more dancers in our milongas, and great partners to dance with for the next few decades...

How can we Popularize Tango?

With Sven Elze, Founder of the very popular Milonga Popular – Berlin, we've created a Thinkbook for Organizers, exploring how we can define the Tango Tribe who will resonate with each of us, find new marketing channels, craft resonant messages and images, and create experiences that make students fall in love with Tango from the first session.

Marketing is about Who is in the Room with You
And Why.

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I'm honored to have touched your tango life for a moment.

If there's something more that could have helped you today, I'd love to create it.

Just for taking the time to tell me what you need or want, I'll give you a week's pass to the Exercise Center, full of Pilates-based exercises to make your body more strong and beautiful for tango and life!

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Bitte gib hier Deine E-Mail Adresse ein, um eine Sitzung kostenlos auszuprobieren.

study / mark’s landing page
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If you want to see how our instruction works, you can preview a session of our MasterCourse.
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Experience TangoForge (mastercourse preview & kbase info)

Experience TangoForge

photo by Vikas Narula, photo editing by TC

Our Pedagogy is incomparable.

We have distilled tango to just 5 Biomechanical Tools and we have identified the systems for improvisation of every element in the Tango Lexicon. This means our dancers can improvise, not memorize.

You can use our Free Youtube Channel "ELEMENTS of Argentine Tango" to check variations of any element, or enroll in our video MasterCourse for comprehensive explanation of the technique and variations of every element. If you don't like video, we also have a hyperlinked KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia, where you can go on your own journey, at your own speed.

If you want to preview the MasterCourse, just enter your email below:

dancersproblems mcpreview

Most dancers are struggling with one of these challenges:

Finding more and better  PARTNERS... 

Making time for home  PRACTICE...

Improving  BALANCE...

Trying to REMEMBER what they learned in class...

Wondering how to get STARTED  with Argentine Tango?


If you're curious what TangoForge is about, the best way to get to know us is by taking a class with us.

We'll send a video class to the email you put below: 

Practice/ revel’s landing page
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If you want to see how our instruction works, you can preview a session of our Solo Practice Course.
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Home Solo Practice Revel (for what to wear page)
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Do you want to be a better dancer
but don't feel you are getting what you need from your teachers?

Or do you get contradictory advice from different partners?

I got tired of hearing men tell me to be "natural", "don't do anything", and "you're floppy", followed by "you're stiff"... So I studied biomechanics until I could teach perfect connection quickly.

We now have video solo practice courses that you can do at home to improve your knowledge, confidence, balance, and grace.

Order from our Digital School. Or enter your email below to preview the course:

struggle to remember (mastercourse preview)
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Do you struggle to remember the moves from class?
Or wonder how your teacher moves so smoothly?

I got tired of hearing vague instructions like "push the floor", or "take the energy", so I studied biomechanics until I could teach all my students to dance like the experts, with anatomically-precise instructions.

Learn to improvise instead of memorize with our MasterCourse, with precise instructions of exactly how to use your joints and muscles in every movement, so you are strong, interesting, and confident.

Order from our Digital School. Or enter your email below to preview the course:


Meet us to study and dance. Just enter your email below for tour dates as they are announced.

Perfect Tanguera

What makes a Perfect Tanguera?

As soon as I started to write my guide to "How to Become a Hot TangoMan – Secrets from the Tangueras who Hope to Dance with You" I realized that I needed a guide for women. So I asked my 10 favorite Milongueros of all time (including my very first tango-crush) to tell me what to write. The result is clear guidance for women on what's important and what's not and how the best guys in the room would like you to let them know you'd like to dance with them. 

Put your email here and I'll send the guide to you immediately: 

Lexicon Test

Stop memorizing sequences*
and start improvising from the elements of Tango
*or being annoyed with yourself for not being able to remember them.

Take our Lexicon Self-Test,
then use our Impro Workbook
to structure your development. 

Enter your email and we'll send the Self-Test and Workbook directly to you. 

If you are a Revel/Follower and want to know what you can do to encourage and facilitate more improvisation, read our post on how to be a Divine Space/Time Machine

First Milonga

Are you getting ready for your first Milonga?

First Milonga
The first time can be a little intimidating.
But don't worry, everyone is very happy to see a new person.
If you make some mistakes, it'll be just fine.

Soon, Milongas will be events you look forward to with great joy.
So might as well get to and past the first one, right?

To help you feel more knowledgeable about what's going on,
and What to wear, What to expect, Where to sit,
How to organize a dance partner... I've written for you an:

Orientation Guide to your First Milonga...  

I'll send it to you right away by email: 

First Milonga

Hot TangoMan

As a Tanguero, you will have confident and nice relationships of different kinds with lots of women.

To accelerate the process for you
I asked all my girlfriends for advice
and wrote this guide... 

How to Become a Hot TangoMan:
Secrets from the Tangueras
who Hope to Dance with You

I'll send their advice to you right away by email: 


From Screen to Floor

Tango is a Way to Make Something Beautiful with Someone You Haven't Met Yet

Do you want to start dancing?

The first few steps are the hardest.

I've written a guide to get you
from this screen to your first Tangos...

Build Partners
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I want you to know that you're not alone....
... neither in your dreams for tango nor in your frustrations.

My deepest desire is the same as all my students and friends ... those who have yet to start dancing and those who dance a lot.

It's partnership.

One thing I've learned on this quest, we need to:

Stop Waiting for Partners, and start Building them

I've written a 10-step action guide. Are you ready to find the Partners you want?

Welcome to TangoForge

photo Vikas Nerula edited Thomas Conte

Our website has a lot of stuff...

If you're ambitious, self-directed, and want access to total information now: The KnowledgeBase.

If you want to learn from us, it doesn't matter where you are.
Our weekly biomechanics and improvisation classes are online! Become a Scholar.

If you are having a hard time practicing at home, we have structures for Private Practice

If you're stuck in your development, partnerships, or the social scene: Coaching and Personal Training.

If you want to learn about what to wear, etiquette, going to your first milonga: Guides.

If you're thinking about BEGINNING, read more about Argentine Tango: The Aperture.

If you want to support our work: Invest.

If you've never had a class with TangoForge, and you're curious about our Biomechanical Technique and Improvisation methods, you can watch one of our classes right now.


Can we Help?

Considering Tango?

2019 TangoForge

March 14-April 11, Thursdays: TRYST .Berlin

April 19-21 Rome NeoTango Marathon

May 3-5 Bologna Seminar

May 10-12 Frankfurt Seminar

July 5-7 South Sweden Seminar

September 7-9 Athens Seminar + NeoTango Marathon

October 18-20. Berlin Seminar, simultaneous with the Tangoloft Festivalito Farbenspiele with Tanguerilla Visual Poetry and DJ Elio Astor.