TangoForge Argentine Tango: Dance from the Elements

We have just completed our YouTube Series, Elements of Tango. These 1-2 minute videos show just the variations of each of the 25 Tango Elements.

What are the Tango Elements?

In the 19902, Gustavo Naveira organized a diverse group of dancers to analyze the tangoinherited from the 1940s. This group foound a way to understand it instead of as a series of sequences, but by its most basic elements.

Why Dance from the Elements?

Argentine Tango is a way to share your creativity and musicality.

Sequences are bad for everything we care about.

Who needs to concentrate when everyone is dancing the same sequences? Dance one Element at a time and keep your partner’s full attention for more intense connection. 

Sequences cause crashes. Learn to dance from the Elements so you can always innovate with changing space.

Sequences have canned musicality. Use the Elements to express the music with your personality.

Sequences destroy Revels’ sensitivity. When Revels experience the same sequences too often it becomes an automatism and she will do it even it’s not marked.

If you are ready to start learning from the elements you can take our Self-Test or enroll in our MasterCourse which covers all 25 Elements of tango in just 10 hours of video, including all the technique you need, as well as the systems of varations.

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What is in the MasterCourse?

The MasterCourse includes a total of 16 videos, covering the 25 Elements of Tango. The total time for these 16 videos is just under 10 hours.

TangoForge Argentine Tango: Dance from the Elements

MasterCourse enrollment includes full access to all resources in our Digital School, immediately, for a period of 18 months:

  • The Mastercourse 25 Elements of Tango in 16 videos (EN/DE)
  • Exercise Center with muscle diagrams and pilates-based exercises on video, to learn to control the 10 most important tango muscles. (EN/DE)
  • Home Solo Practice Courses for both roles and a Pair Practice Course. A total of 30 video session sfor home practice. (EN/DE)
  • KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia, hyperlinked for quick research with text, images, and video clips. (EN)
  • Access to all of our live workshops during your enrollment period. If you have any questions we will answer online and in person at no additional cost.

For more information about the MasterCourse or our DIgital School please feel free to contact us by email to Office@TangoForge.com or using the chat box in the bottom-right corner of your screen.


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