Oct 242013

Make this whole warm-up first in open embrace, then in close embrace.

1. Walk around, enjoying the music, making front, back, and side steps in all sizes, and speeds (no ochos), checking to make sure that you are finding the moment of projection before every step.

  • Make sure you are creating intention before moving to transfer your weight.
  • Make sure you hold your arc during the projection.
  • Make sure you are not holding the Revel. Don’t protect her from her mistakes, she needs to know if she is falling.

2. Continue walking but this time focus on the second projection.

  • Make sure you are creating the second projection in every step.
  • Play with the second projection – it’s yours!

3. Continue walking but now focus on creating the arch of connection after every step.

  • When moving in the same direction there should be no change of embrace – no change in lateral or vertical shoulder-flexion or elbow flexion!
  • Give feedback and adjust so that you feel the arch of connection throughout the entire step!

4. Use the arch of connection to adorn between steps.

 24 October 2013