Aug 012016

Tryst TangoForge
What we do and why

We are a global community of dancers applying Argentine Tango’s biomechanics of connection to extreme improvisation and the world heritage of music. Meet Vio and Roberto in the beautiful Tangoloft-Berlin, our online KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia of tango technique, and Extreme Tango Improvisation.
Dancers: Vio, Roberto, Germain Cascales, Frauke Nees, Max Thomas, Nick Young, Ramy William and TangoForge Compañeros
Main cameras: Ilsa Hellman, Philipp Grieß, Thomas Conte, Fritz Schadow, Nick Young
Assistant cameras: Matthew Fitzsimmons, June Es, Marzio Sepe
Main edit: Ilsa Hellman
Production and second edit: Vio
Production assistants: CJ Yetman, Stefan Brenner
DJs for live performances: Elio Astor, Mona Isabelle
Locations: Tangoloft-Berlin, The Jewel Lab at Colombian Hotel Sydney, Contemporary Tango Festival in Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Lichterfelde Women’s Prison, Volkspark Friedrichshain, Neolonga Via Cupa Rome, TangoBar Rome, Berlin ICC

 1 August 2016