Oct 022013

Welcome to the next level of your dancing!

This course is designed to increase your body control and readiness so that you can dance with confidence.

For best results, please spend at least 20 minutes on each exercise and repeat each session before continuing to the next one.

In this course we’ll use the term ‘base leg’ for the leg that is in contact with the floor and supporting your weight and ‘free leg’ to refer to the leg that is not supporting weight and is thereby free to move. We’ll also use the terms: ‘external rotation’, ‘internal rotation’, ‘flex’, and ‘extend’. You can read details about any of these biomechanics in the KnowledgeBase, which is included with your course.

We use the name ‘Mark’ for the leader and ‘Revel’ for the follower. Here’s why.

If you come across any concept that you don’t know, or want to more about, you can take a quick trip the KnowledgeBase for definitions by clicking on the black and white logo at right.

You may also want to do some augmental exercises to increase your strength and/or awareness of the muscles we use.

If you feel something is missing or unclear, please do send an email.

Use the menu at right to navigate through the sessions.


 2 October 2013