Program Privates


This is the booking page for students in our monthly programs. To register for a program, please use this page: StudioBerlin.

If you are not a program student and you want to book a private lesson, please use this page: PrivatesBerlin.

Please keep in mind the training schedule when you schedule your privates.

* If you take Biomechanics on a different day, you may book your private simultaneous with the Biomechanics class.

Please feel free to book your whole month in advance.

If you need to cancel your lesson, please do it here and soon so another student can have your spot.

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  • Aperture students please book one 30-minute private each week.
  • Mastery students, please book one 45-minute private Lesson with Vio each month, and one private Practice with an apprentice.
  • Couples: Please book separately. If you book simultaneously, you will have a couples lesson, but we want two teachers with you!

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