Jan 152017

Crew TangoForge is thrilled to have the chance to dance, rave, and revel at the 2017 Neo Tango Rave, 11-13 August, Bremen and honored to be teaching our “Beyond Control” Workshop there.

Unfortunately it’s booked full full full already. You can join the NeoTangoRave fbgroup so as to be notified when registration opens next year.

Here’s my post,  “No Crash Trance”, about the 2016 event.

If you want to take the Beyond Control Workshop, it’s online… What this workshop is about is how we can trust the language of tango to communicate without the standard embrace, so that we can free our hands and bodies for expression. The Workshop is actually three separate courses – a total of 4 hours of classroom time (we’ve cut the practicing out of the videos, so they’re only the instructional parts).

  1. Our Biomechanics of Connection class, which is essential to knowing how to support your partner in alternate embraces.
  2. System of communication and improvisation in Soltada
  3. Beyond Control: Trusting Tango

To purchase the workshop, first put your email here:

And then pay:

You’ll receive a password by email for the workshop.

See you in Bremen in 2018!




 15 January 2017