Meta Themen


The Meta Themen Course happens on our Drop-In Night. Each month we have a theme and we do a series of courses on this theme. The courses do not depend on one another, so you can come anytime. This class is designed for more experienced dancers, so you should be already familiar with technique of the relevant movements.

February: Musicality: Milonga

14.Feb: Sacadas in Milonga

21.Feb: Crosses in Milonga

28.Feb: Patada in Milonga

March: Exits/Ausgänge

7.March: With vs. Contra Exits

14.March: Exits from Front Voleo and Gancho

21.March: Exits from Back Voleo and Gancho

28.March: Exits from Volcada and Colgada

April: Pleasure

4.April: Pleasure in the Embrace

11.April: Pleasure in Movements

18.April: Pleasure in the Music

25.April: Pleasure in the Dancing Relationship