Butterfly voleo


A butterfly voleo can be an adorno, or it can be marked.

It adds hip rotation to a pivot. Before starting the pivot, make a low linear voleo. Then during the pivot, rotate the hip. The foot hovers over roughly the same point of the dance floor during the butterfly.

  • In front ocho, start with a low front linear voleo with the free leg’s knee extended. During the pivot, it’s internal rotation of the free leg’s hip. Allow the free leg’s knee to flex during the rotation, arriving in back linear voleo. The base leg’s hip and knee can flex during the pivot to make the voleo more dramatic.
  • In back ocho, start with a low back linear voleo with free leg’s knee flexed. During the pivot, rotate the free leg’s hip externally. Finish with a low front voleo with the free leg’s knee extended.

The mark is a linear voleo with a pivot. To hold the Revel’s leg in the air for the pivot, use conservation of co-contraction and make sure there is no change of embrace (no lateral or vertical shoulder flexion, no elbow flexion) during the pivot.