Improvisation Workshop Topics


Every six months, our Improvisation Workshop covers the entire Tango Lexicon (see translations on that page).

In each workshop we review Basic Technique for each movement, but our emphasis is on showing the System of Variations and Exploring the Dynamic Range, including FAST (for Milonga and Contemporary Music), open and close embrace, and how to find entrances and exits. These workshops are taught twice a week, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 20:00. They are preceded at 19:00 by a required Biomechanics class which prepares the body for these movements.

StudioBerlin Zeitplan und Anmeldung

Study by Video Broadcast

July 2017

4/5.July: The Improvisation Possibilities of steps and change of foot [Lexicon 1-4]

11/12.July:  Molinete Lineal and Variations [Lexicon 5]

18/19.July: Variations with Ocho: Adornos for the Revel + Alt.Footwork for Mark [Lexicon 6]

25/26.July: Sacadas (Front) [Lexicon 7, Part1]

August 2017

1/2.August: Sacadas (Back) [Lexicon 7, Part2]

8/9.August: Double Giros & Variations [Lexicon 8]

15/16.August: Single Giros [Lexicon 9]

22/23.August: Calesita [Lexicon 10]

29/30.August: Annual Seminar Compañeros TangoForge in session. No Lexicon Classes or Practica this week.

September 2017

5/6.September: Crosses and Variations [Lexicon 11]

12/13.September: Parada [Lexicon 12]

19/20.September: Barrida [Lexicon 13]

26/27.September: Rebote [Lexicon 14]

October 2017

3/4 October: Alteracíon [Lexicon 15]

10/11.October: Voleo Circular [Lexicon 16]

17/18.October: Voleo Linear [Lexicon 17]

24/25.October: Gancho1 [Lexicon 18]

November 2017

7/8.November: Gancho2 [Lexicon 18]

14/15.November: Rebote Cadera [Lexicon 19]

21/22.November: Patada [Lexicon 20]

28/29.November: Volcada [Lexicon 21]

December 2017

5/6.December: Colgada1 [Lexicon 22]

12/13.December: Adorno [Lexicon 23]

19/20.December: Soltada [Lexicon 24]

27.December/3.January: Salta & Sostenida [Lexicon 25 & 26] (No classes on 26.December and 2.January.)

January 201u: Lexicon Tour restarts

9.January: The Improvisation Possibilities of steps and change of foot [Lexicon 1-4] (The extensive technique for steps is covered in our Biomechanics class.)

16.January:  Molinete Lineal and Variations [Lexicon 5]

23.January: Variations with Ocho: Adornos for the Revel + Alt.Footwork for Mark [Lexicon 6]

30.January: Sacadas (Front) [Lexicon 7, Part1]

February 2018


6.February: Sacadas (Back) [Lexicon 7, Part2]

13.February: Double Giros & Variations [Lexicon 8]

20.February: Single Giros [Lexicon 9]

27.February: Calesita [Lexicon 10]

March 2018


6.March: Crosses and Variations [Lexicon 11]

13.March: Parada [Lexicon 12]

20.March: Barrida [Lexicon 13]

27.March: Rebote [Lexicon 14]

April 2018

3.April: Alteracíon [Lexicon 15]

10.April: Voleo Circular [Lexicon 16]

17.April: Voleo Linear [Lexicon 17]

24.April: Gancho1 [Lexicon 18]

May 2018

1.May: Gancho2 [Lexicon 18]

8.May: Rebote Cadera [Lexicon 19]

15.May: Patada [Lexicon 20]

22.May: Volcada [Lexicon 21]

29.May: Colgada1 [Lexicon 22]

June 2018

5.June: Soltada [Lexicon 23]

12.June: Adorno  [Lexicon 24]

19.June: Sostenida/Drag [Lexicon 25]

26.June: Salta [Lexicon 25]


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What you are creating there is the best (and healthiest) atmosphere I’ve seen in a loooong time! I always leave your studio super relaxed and believing that people are wonderful. And I think that is amazing and I’m very grateful for that. Not to mention that I learn more about tango there than in any other setting ever.

One of the best –maybe the best– tango teachers I’ve ever met….lessons are the most concise, complete, detailed way of describing tango I have ever seen. (a student who never knew about us before this workshop…)

I feel more beautiful since I study here. (After 3 weeks at StudioBerlin)

I’m a mechanic. I can’t learn by copying. You told me what to do and how to do it.