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Elements of Argentine Tango, our YouTube channel with videos of variations of every tango move.
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At the moment we don’t have an ongoing MetaTheme course. This will start in January 2018. We have a small collection of already-filmed courses which you can use.
Chopin 10 December 2016 - Chopin music is very delicate. So how do we take our tango and make it more delicate?   Revel’s adornos The Revel can touch the music with her projection, in lots of different ways, by using flexion, extension, and rotation of her leg joints. 1 Mark makes lots of space and time for the Revel [...more]
Dubstep 10 December 2016 - What you were just listening to or what you at least heard in the background was old school dubstep. Dubstep is a genre of EDM (electronic dance music). It originated in the late 1990s in London and was released for the first time 1998. As a development within a lineage of related styles such as [...more]
A system for maintaining connection in Soltada 3 December 2016 - Soltada is going outside of the usual tango embrace.   Rules of Soltada: We keep dancing tango. Always look for connection (with hands and eyes) Direction is less important than matching the partner’s timing and dynamic. 1 “Animals”: No touch at all. The mark invites the revel to a direction, and she moves to match. [...more]
Dancing beyond Control / Freeing the Embrace 3 December 2016 - We dance what we call “extreme tango”. We take the movements of the 1940s to their physical and improvisation limit, and when we perform we do not know the music in advance, so we take improvisation to the extreme. In order to touch his maximum creativity, the mark needs two things: {1} he needs to [...more]
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