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With the best partners you are compelled to Flow
– a state of intense presence in the moment,
unity of awareness and action,
and intrinsic meaningfulness.
That’s the sweet spot.
How can you get more of them, and it?

The Sugar:
In Tango, flow is mutual and physical…
To achieve mutual concentration
partners rely on shared knowledge
and sustain the action with strength and agility.

• Improve your strength and fluidity:  Exercise Center.
• Deepen your intuitive understanding of tango movements and syntax: KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia of technique and variations.
• Reach toward your tango dreams and challenges:  Coaching.
• Develop your partnerships: Private Practice.

Preview the KnowledgeBase and Private Practice Courses:

  • Body control: Understanding Joint Mechanics.
  • Improvisation: All 48 Sacadas with with perfect technique.
  • Private practice: Your Beauty comes from your Base”

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