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With the best partners you are compelled to Flow
– a state of intense presence in the moment,
unity of awareness and action,
and intrinsic meaningfulness.
That’s the sweet spot.
How can you get more of them, and it?

In Tango, flow is mutual and physical…
To achieve mutual concentration
partners rely on shared knowledge
and sustain the action with strength and agility.

• Improve your strength and fluidity:  Exercise Center.
• Deepen your intuitive understanding of tango movements and syntax: KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia of technique and variations.
• Reach toward your tango dreams and challenges:  Coaching.
• Develop your partnerships: Private Practice.

Preview the KnowledgeBase and Private Practice Courses:

  • Body control: Understanding Joint Mechanics.
  • Improvisation: All 48 Sacadas with with perfect technique.
  • Private practice: Your Beauty comes from your Base”

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