Argentine Tango Technique

Every teacher will tell you that both solo and partnered Private Practice are essential to improvement. Most dancers don’t practice because they don’t have a structure.

The HyperForge is a structure for effective Private Practice.

• Increase muscle control, power and fluidity:  Exercise Center
• Refine technique and develop your partnerships: Private Practice Courses
• Deepen your intuitive understanding of tango movements and syntax so you can improvise, not memorize: KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia of Argentine Tango technique and variations
• Reach toward your tango dreams and challenges:  Personal Training

Regardless of which “style” of tango you prefer, all of Argentine Tango relies on the same skills of body control for connection and communication. TangoForge has studied the correct anatomy and biomechanics of these basic skills. We give precise instructions in objective scientific terminology, so that you can train your body in a direct manner, without abstract metaphors.

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Because we use anatomically correct terminology and our technique is consistent and distilled, we're able to explain the technique for every movement precisely. Our KnowledgeBase Encyclopedia also explains the system of variations for each move.

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