Classes are fun and fascinating.
Private practice is how you develop your partnerships
and train your body to become a better partner.

Our courses provide structure for private practice,
as a supplement to group classes or a training program when you are traveling.

They include access to our Exercise Facility, which illustrates and explains important muscles’ function and provides exercises to help increase your muscle control

Course passes include access to our KnowledgeBase, a comprehensive Encyclopedia of Tango Movements which enables you to pursue deeper information about any movement, and about biomechanics. You can move from the courses to more advanced movement iterations at will.


The Level 1 courses are appropriate for absolute beginner through intermediate dancers. Level 2 coming soon!

Course passes are good for 6 months.

We use ‘Mark’ for Leader and ‘Revel’ for Follower. Here’s why.


Preview the HyperCourses and KnowledgeBase:

  • First session of Revel solo course, “Your Beauty comes from your Base”
  • All 48 Sacadas with with perfect technique.
  • Understanding Joint Mechanics.

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